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This fantastic Sports Documentary belts along at a brilliant pace. Delivering an intimate and sentimental story of one of the greatest success stories in boxing history. Packed full of amazing footage and guest appearances from close family members, through to some surprising celebrities.

Mr Calzaghe tells the story of the life, and amazing career, of the Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe. There's no argument about Calzaghe's standing in the boxing world as one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. Against all odds, this bullied and humble kid rose up from the small village of Newbridge in Wales to become the undefeated Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Before he stepped up to the Light Heavyweight division, Joe held the titles of WBO, WBA, WBC, Ring Magazine and Lineal Super Middle Weight Champion. On top of that, he is the longest-reigning undisputed champion of that division in history. In his final year of active boxing, Calzaghe proved himself against two incredible Light Heavy Weights – Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr., securing The Ring Light Heavyweight Championship. At the point of retiring in 2009, Joe Calzaghe finished with 46 wins and 0 losses record.

It's fair to say, that there are very few boxers who finish their careers undefeated. But not just that, finish at the very top of their game too. Most boxers have to make multiple comebacks however, Joe's incredible rise to the top, and the ability to stay there is a testament to the outstanding skills possessed by him. Where many of his opponents would attack with three combination punches, Calzaghe at his best would attack with multiple combinations of ten plus punches. A southpaw in style, it could be argued that Joe Calzaghe had the fastest hands in the sport.

One of the biggest things that stands out in this documentary, however, is the intimate and unusual relationship between Joe and his late father Enzo. Often, when parents become too closely involved in the sporting careers of their children, it usually ends in disaster. But not here. The back story of Enzo Calzaghe and Joe is incredibly unique.

Enzo Calzaghe was Joe Calzaghe's personal trainer. Born in Sardinia, Enzo moved to the UK at a young age. But an even more extraordinary twist is that Enzo was best known for being a talented musician. And it was his passion for a fast backbeat that became a key element in creating Joe's amazing style.

On top of the intimate, touching and sometimes sentimental back story of Joe's relationship with his dad, the audience gets some brutally honest responses from other close family and friends. They reveal the origins of Joe's reasons for taking up the sport. There are a number of great contributions from some surprising celebrities, including Micheal J. Fox. But it is the honest feedback from Chris Eubank about his fight with Calzaghe that is one of the most revealing parts. Eubank was an incredible fighter in his own right, but he admits that the fast hands of Calzaghe were very damaging. It genuinely opens your eyes to the quality of the man.

Another outstanding contribution is from, director and producer Vaughan Sivell. He does an amazing job, creating one of the most gripping and exciting sports documentaries ever made. Mr Calzaghe is great for anyone to watch, whether you are a fan of boxing or not. As much a tale of humble humanistic struggles as it is about one of the members of the Boxing Hall of Fame.

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  • Brilliantly Directed.
  • Intimate, Yet Brutally Honest.
  • Inspiring and Thoroughly Exciting.


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