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Sandler and Aniston are back together again in the comedy Murder Mystery. In true Sandler style, it is over the top and borders on the ridiculous but is funny enough to be worth a watch. 

Brand new from Adam Sandler comes the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery. Sandler plays an NYC cop, Nick Spitz, alongside Jennifer Aniston who plays his wife Audrey. For their 15th wedding anniversary, Nick decides to bring Audrey on a trip of a lifetime to Europe. Audrey thinks they can afford it as Nick has been promoted to detective. Except he hasn't. He failed the exam again but can't bring himself to tell her.

So the two pack their bags and on the flight, Audrey gets chatting to the enigmatic Charles Cavendish who invites the couple on board his family yacht. Things are going relatively well until the billionaire, and family patriarch, Malcolm Quince is murdered. As the two outsiders, all fingers are pointed squarely at Audrey and Nick.

And so begins the Murder Mystery in question. The hapless couple must now outwit the real murderer and save themselves in the process. Can Nick put his detective skills to use or will it be Audrey and her love of murder mystery novels that saves the day?

The movie plays out like a traditional Agatha Christie book. The murder scenario and the potential suspects are contained on the yacht. So one of them is definitely the culprit. There is Quince's son Tobey (David Walliams) – the sole heir to the fortune. Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans from The Alienist) was also in for a hefty slice of the inheritance. Plus there are a series of other lower level characters, all of whom have a valid reason for wanting Malcolm dead.

And while Murder Mystery is a comedy first and foremost, it does border on the ridiculous. Nobody is expecting a serious movie from Sandler but this is really over the top. However, that said, the chemistry between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston is top notch as always. They are so good together that you can sort of overlook the terrible script.

Murder Mystery is a goofball, light-hearted movie that is really funny in places. Is it the greatest Adam Sandler movie ever made? No. However, it is a laugh and at least you know what you're getting!


  • Sandler and Aniston Chemistry
  • Good Plot
  • Solid Humour Throughout


  • Over The Top
  • Some Jokes Fall Flat
  • Unimaginative


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