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When Jen Taylor inherits an Inn in Alaska from her Great Aunt she must decide whether she wants to stay in the cute town or sell it and head back to her life in San Francisco. A predictable but sweet Christmas movie.

The first thing to note about My Christmas Inn is that the creators also made Christmas Land for Hallmark. If like me, you happen to watch them close together on Netflix you will notice a lot of similarities. That's because they are practically the same film. They were also both made in the same place and even the production sets look identical. But if you can get over that, My Christmas Inn is a much better movie.

Jen Taylor (Tia Mowry from Family Reunion) is a marketing executive based in San Francisco. She rarely takes time off work, doesn't celebrate Christmas, and suddenly discovers that she has inherited her great aunt's Inn in Alaska. In order to claim the property, she must head to Alaska to sign the paperwork. There she meets cute lawyer Brian Anderson (Rob Mayes). Jen is focused on selling the Inn while the town gets ready for their holiday festivities.

But first she must get it sale-ready. So off she goes cleaning and decorating, all in the hopes that she can attract a buyer. In the meantime, she discovers her Aunt's journal and befriends the rest of the townspeople. So much so that she slowly comes around to the idea of actually running the inn. But when a hotel chain becomes interested in buying the property she has a tough decision to make. Should she sell it or should she stay and forget her life in San Francisco?

My Holiday Inn is a decent if totally predictable Hallmark Christmas movie. It's sweet and light-hearted and Tia Mowry is solid as Jen in the lead role. The only problems come from the numerous plot holes. Alaska is very dark and extremely cold in December, yet here it's bright, light, and just a bit chilly. The characters also frequently bob between San Fran and Alaska as if it was down the road. It's a six-hour flight people. You can't just nip back and forth in the same day!

That said, My Holiday Inn is cute, positive, and uplifting and ticks a lot of the Christmas movie boxes. It's perfect for a cold night in with a cuppa or a glass of vino as you get into the Christmas spirit.


  • Lighthearted Christmas Flick
  • Tia Mowry Is Solid in The Lead Role
  • Sweet


  • A Lot Of Plot Holes
  • 100% Predictable


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