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My Life With The Walter Boys

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My Life With The Walter Boys follows recently orphaned Jackie who must move to Colorado to live with the Walter family before falling for two brothers. Coming-of-age teen drama.

There is no disputing that most production companies and streamers are chasing the next big hit to keep their subscribers happy.

And what better way to rein everybody in than with an adaptation of a hit YA novel or Wattpad creation?

The ‘teenage girl torn between two boys' has almost been done to death at this stage, what with To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Kissing Booth, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls all major hits. Heck, even Katniss Everdeen got in on the action when she had to choose between Peeta and Gale in Hunger Games.

Of course it helps enormously if the two boys in question are best friends. Or even better – brothers! Which brings us nicely to My Life With The Walter Boys.

What Is My Life With The Walter Boys About?

Jackie Howard (Nikki Rodriguez) has just experienced a tragic life event. Both of her parents and her only sibling have been killed in a car accident.

With nobody left to care for her, she has to move from Manhattan to rural Colorado to live with the Walters on their farm.

With seven sons, one daughter, and two cousins already living there, it's a pretty crowded house, but she is welcomed with open arms by mum Katherine (Sarah Rafferty) and dad George (Marc Blucas). Incidentally, Katherine was her mum's best friend from Columbia University.

With school starting and life to be getting on with, Jackie must adapt quickly and get used to her new surroundings.

But things get a little more complicated when she finds herself falling for not one but two of the brothers – Alex and Cole. They both seem to like her, though Alex takes the form of a love-sick puppy while Cole plays the role of the misunderstood bad boy (a requirement for any teen drama).

So who will she choose, and how will this complicated love triangle end up affecting the family, who have their own problems to deal with?

My Life With The Walter Boys Trailer

Is My Life With The Walter Boys Worth Watching?

This show was made with a specific demographic in mind. And by that, I mean not me. That said, it was fairly easy fluff to breeze through on a quiet Sunday, so it's not all bad.

But set your expectations low because while the overarching plot is decent enough to hang your hat on, the actual script is dross. I mean, absolutely nobody on the face of the earth speaks the way they do in this show. It is poorly written and stretches belief at almost every stage.

And, of course, you must pick a side, so are you team Alex or team Cole by the end? Don't worry, it won't really be either of them as the story veers more towards team Jackie. Also another character move we've seen plenty of times before. Yawn.

My Life With The Walter Boys has a glossy and polished sheen that neatly skips over any real trauma or suffering one might expect a recently orphaned 16-year-old to experience.

The writers just use it as a hook to get her to Colorado so they can quickly move on and get the teen romance.

If that's what you're into, then good for you. I'm not judging. There's clearly no shortage of subscribers who send shows like this straight to the number 1 spot. And as long as that keeps happening, shows like this will keep getting made.

My Life With The Walter Boys Season 2

Speaking of having no shortage of fans, the good news for all of you desperately waiting to see if Jackie picks Cole or Alex, Netflix has officially ordered a second season.

Writers Ali Novak will be busy writing the next instalment, with creator Melanie Halsall set to take the reins again.

Don't expect it any time soon, though, as it was only renewed in December 2023, so it will be at least 2025 before we see any new episodes.

Series Cast

Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie Howard, who moves to Silver Falls, Colorado, after losing her family in a car accident

Noah LaLonde as Cole Walter

Ashby Gentry as Alex Walter

Johnny Link as Will Walter, engaged to Hayley

Corey Fogelmanis as Nathan Walter

Connor Stanhope as Danny Walter, Cole's twin

Zoë Soul as Hayley Young, Will's fiancée

Jaylan Evans as Skylar who becomes Nathan's love interest

Sarah Rafferty as Katherine Walter, Jackie's legal guardian

Marc Blucas as George Walter, Katherinie's husband

Alex Quijano as Richard, Jackie's maternal uncle

Myles Perez as Lee Garcia

Isaac Arellanes as Isaac Garcia, Lee's brother

Ashley Holliday as Tara, a guidance counselor


  • Decent Premise For A Show
  • Colorado Looks Great
  • Includes The Teen Favourite - The Love Triangle


  • The Dialogue Is Awful & Unnatural
  • No Real Emotion Despite Trauma Suffered
  • It's Bubble Gum TV For Teens


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