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My Name Is Vendetta follows a former mafia enforcer and his daughter who flee to Milan to plot their revenge after old enemies kill their family. Action-packed.

For faced paced action movies, it seems like Amazon has cornered the market. However, Netflix has been upping their game recently, and My Name Is Vendetta is a welcome addition to the genre.

This is an action-packed revenge film set in Northern Italy, but what is it all about?

What Is My Name Is Vendetta About?

It all starts when teenager Sofia secretly photographs her father, Santo, and posts the pic on Instagram.

That sets off a series of devastating consequences when two criminals see the photograph, follow the computer trail and brutally kill her mother and uncle. And all to settle a score that has been twenty years in the making.

It is then that Sofia discovers that her father is a former mafia enforcer and has a dark past as an affiliate of the N’drangheta.

After old enemies kill his family, Santo takes his feisty daughter, and they flee to Milan while plotting revenge.

While in hiding, Santo teaches his daughter everything she needs to know to become a killer knowing that it's a ‘kill or be killed' situation.

But can they really get revenge and outrun the mafia and the police? Find out in My Name Is Vendetta.

My Name Is Vendetta Trailer

My Name Is Vendetta Release Date

My Name Is Vendetta or Mio Nome è Vendetta as it is known in Italian, is directed by Cosimo Gomez.

Filming began in September 2021 with locations in Trenta, Milan and Rome.

Netflix released the trailer in October 2022 and announced that the movie would be released on November 30th 2022.

Is My Name Is Vendetta Worth Watching?

As action movies go, this is a pretty decent one. Imagine the revenge plot of John Wick and the assassin partnership of Leon, and you start to get the idea of My Name Is Vendetta.

Training the otherwise quiet daughter and turning her into a killer is a good element. Normally teenagers get short thrift in movies and are often just added as the annoying or distracting element.

But here, Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi) is given a meaty role to get stuck into and really adds to the overall revenge plot of the film.

Alessandro Gassmann as Santo is excellent and exudes all of the cool, calm, and collectedness of a former mafia enforcer as he exacts his revenge.

It has plenty of action, gruesome murders, car chases, shootouts and a decent plot to hang its hat on. My Name Is Vendetta is a decent flick for fans of the genre.


  • Solid Revenge Plot
  • Tonnes Of Action
  • Really Fast Paced


  • Not Entirely Unique Premise For A Film
  • Could Have Done With A Longer Run Time


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