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When hardened CIA agent JJ is tasked with surveillance, he finds himself striking a bargain with nine-year-old Chloe, agreeing to teach her to be a spy if she doesn't reveal who he is. My Spy is a funny and watchable family movie!

A quirky and cute family comedy, My Spy is an Amazon Original so you can watch for free if you have a Prime membership. The movie follows JJ, a tough CIA operative, who blows a huge mission and is demoted to a surveillance job. Spending his time alongside techie Bobbi (Kristen Schaal) this is as far from the action he is used to.

Instead, his job is to now watch Kate and her daughter Sophie. Having recently returned from Paris, Kate used to be married to a bit of a gangster and the CIA are now after his brother, Marquez. JJ and Bobbi have moved into the same building and wired up Kate's apartment and all is running smoothly until Sophie catches them out.

Trying not to mess up again, JJ (Dave Bautista) agrees to teach Sophie how to be a spy as long as she keeps quiet. Sophie (Chloe Coleman) on the other hand decides that JJ would be a great fit for her mum and tries to get the two together. And of course, things do not go according to plan.

The villainous Marquez discovers Kate is back and tracks her down to get information from her putting everybody in danger, including Sophie. So can JJ and Bobbi stop him and restore their CIA reputations?

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No prizes for guessing that My Spy has a neatly wrapped up happy ending. It is a kids movie after all. And while it won't win any awards, it's definitely a good laugh with Chloe Coleman stealing every scene she's in.

It could have been a bit shorter and did feel like it was dragging on a bit, especially in the scenes where JJ and Kate are attempting to date. So that also affected the pacing, slowing things down unnecessarily. There are a few twists and turns, a bit of action, and lots of laughs. So if it's a family movie you're after then give My Spy a shot.



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  • Great For All The Family
  • Mix Of Action And Comedy
  • Chloe Coleman Is Fab


  • Bit Slow In Parts


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