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Get yourself ready for a cocaine-fuelled story that is seriously addictive to watch. Narcos follows the rise and fall of the Columbian cartels, the incredible wealth generated and the horrific lengths that they will go to keep it.

Narcos first aired on Netflix back in 2015 and exploded onto the screen with the first season introducing you to Pablo Escobar and his amazing story as head of the Medellin Cartel. This factual drama is a Netflix Original Series that is brilliantly cast and the attention to detail is simply amazing, it is so intense that it is almost impossible to stop watching but so horrific in places that it is also quite draining.

There are heaps of crime dramas that have cropped up over the years but Narcos is different, putting it simply if you imagine the hardest hitting crime drama you have watched and then magnify the intensity by ten thousand – you will be getting close to understanding why Narcos is so addictive. Narcos has everything, drugs, women, unimaginable wealth and ultra-violence. This is made even more captivating as the storyline is all true. Wagner Moura plays Pablo Escobar, swaggering about on screen with his huge mustache and terrible eighties clothing, he is totally convincing as the King of Cocaine. The complexities of this story are dealt to the viewer in a respectful way, nothing is rushed and you get a clear understanding of the real Pablo Escobar – the family man, the political man, the so-called man of the people but most horrifically just how this man could and would commit mass murder with a simple order over the phone and then carry on with playing with his children.

The other side to this story comes from the views of the DEA agents who were trying to bring Escobar to justice. You are taken on a personal journey with agents Javier Pena (played buy Pedro Pascal) and Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), this provides both sides to the story allowing the viewer to take an objective journey with both the good and the bad guys. Agent Murphy narrates his side of the story all the way through with actual pictures and footage of real events cleverly thrown into the mix that gives it a documentary style but makes the events even more chilling as you see images of these events pop up on the screen.

With three seasons already available to watch and ten episodes in each season, this is a great choice if you are looking for something to binge that has some real substance. I actually found Narcos quite hard to watch at times, just because the story can be quite confronting so I had to be in the right mood to watch multiple episodes in one sitting. It is a real roller coaster of an experience that not only follows Escobar's story as head of the Medellin Cartel but follows the transition of power across to the Cali Cartel and what seems to be an evolved and more advanced approach to trafficking, but every bit as brutal. Season four is due to be Released late in 2018, so pull on a terrible eighties style shirt and grow yourself a huge mustache and get watching now so that you are ready for the new episodes.


  • Factual
  • Spectacular Visuals
  • Brilliant Cast
  • Super Addictive


  • Sub Titles
  • Confronting


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