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Next In Fashion is a very bingeable reality competition where the aim is to find the next big designer in fashion. Think Project Runway but better.

If you like competitive reality tv then you will love Next In Fashion. Created by Netflix, this is Project Runway on steroids. Hosted by Tan France (Queer Eye) and Alexa Chung, the aim of the show is, you guessed it, to find the next big name in the fashion industry. The show starts off with 18 designers from around the world, all of whom have worked for huge brands in the past with plenty of them having attended prestigious fashion schools such as St Martin's College. However, despite their vast experience none have become household names in their own right.

Initially, the designers are paired up with many of them opting to work with people they already know and between them, they have to create an outfit from scratch. What they create depends on the theme they are given by Tan and Alexa so each episode is based around one aspect of fashion such as suits, underwear, streetwear, red carpet etc… While there is a two-day time limit to create the garment, there is no budget and the designers are given free rein in a room stocked with everything they could conceivably need.

Once the time is up the models take to the runway and are judged by Tan, Alexa and two other guest judges. They also inspect all the designs backstage and talk through the creative process with the designers before deciding who has won and which two teams are in the bottom. From there one team is eliminated. That happens through the first six episodes before the designers then go solo.

Next In Fashion is a really great show whether you have an interest in fashion or not. It's light and fun and the focus is squarely on finding a great designer so it is devoid of the usual bitchiness that sometimes accompanies similar type shows. Having contestants from across the world also brings an added bonus of seeing creations that would ordinarily get overlooked. And of course, the fact that they are bonafide designers means the finished articles are incredibly impressive. It's totally bingeable, Tan and Alexa are a joy, and it hits all the right buttons for an entertaining and light-hearted reality competition.


  • Very Bingeable
  • Great Choice Of Hosts
  • Fantastically Creative Designs


  • Very Little Time To Create The Designs


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