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Nell Serrano is starting over as a journalist but the only available job is to write obituaries, which is fine until the ghosts of those she is writing about start haunting her, in Not Dead Yet, a supernatural comedy.

Every now and then, we need a break from the crime and the intense drama that overcrowds our tv schedules. Sometimes it's good to just watch something nice. Case in point is Not Dead Yet, currently streaming on Disney+.

Created by David Windsor and Casey Johnson for ABC, Not Dead Yet stars Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) as she undergos a major life upheaval.

With the full first season now available, is Not Dead Yet actually worth watching?

What Is Not Dead Yet About?

Not Dead Yet follows Nell Serrano, an accident-prone American newspaper reporter who left her last job five years ago to move to London with her fiancee, Phillip.

However, her plans for a happily ever after come crashing down when her relationship ends, leaving her with a wedding dress and no wedding. She returns to the US and tries to resume her journalism career as a newly single woman.

On her return, Nell finds herself working at the same place she'd left before. However, things have changed at her office, and she is assigned to writing obituaries, the only job available, from an office that used to be a closet.

She also has to deal with her autistic roommate, Edward, whose routine-oriented lifestyle irritates her to no end.

But everything takes a supernatural turn when Nell begins to encounter ghosts of the people whose obituaries she is writing, and only she can see and hear them.

The first ghost she encounters is Monty Waxberg, a jingle maker whose jingle had made her despise bubblegums. At first, Nell thinks it's a one-time occurrence, but as soon as she receives another assignment, another ghost appears, and she realises that this isn't a problem that will disappear anytime soon.

The constant presence of the ghosts becomes a nuisance to Nell, but it also has advantages. These ghosts provide her with deep insights into their lives, helping her write more detailed and meaningful obituaries.

They also offer her life advice and perspectives on her own life, helping her to move on after her break-up.

Despite the challenges, Nell is determined to make the most of her unusual situation. And along with her best friend Sam (Hannah Simone), co-worker Dennis (Josh Banday), friend Cricket (Angela Elayne Gibbs), boss Lexi (Lauren Ash) and roommate Edward (Rick Glassman), it looks like things may just work out for Nell.

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Is Not Dead Yet Worth Watching?

Sometimes these kinds of multi-writer sitcoms can be a bit hit and miss. They take time to warm up as the various actors and characters settle into a flow.

However, Not Dead Yet, gets off to a flying start, largely due to the stellar and very experienced cast. It's a delight to see Lauren Ash back playing another acerbic character, albeit one that warms up as the episodes roll on.

Gina Rodriguez is always bankable, though if I had one criticism, it would be the wardrobe choices for her character. It almost seems like she is being buried under layers of oversized jackets. Then again, I believe she was pregnant at the time, so that may have something to do with it!

Otherwise, what we have here is a supernatural comedy about a woman who is adapting to her new life while various dead people teach her some important life lessons.

With each episode running at just under 25 minutes, it's fun, light and easy to watch and perfect for viewers who enjoyed other shows like Upload, Ghosts and The Good Place.

Has The Show Been Renewed?

The good news for fans of the show is that, yes, Not Dead Yet has been renewed for a second season.

And there's a very good reason for that. The premiere episode had about 7.6 million viewers and became the most-watched comedy debut on ABC in nearly four years.

As it is a US network show, its release date is usually set in stone to fir in with the existing schedule.

So on that basis, we will see Not Dead Yet season 2 in February 2024. All episodes will then be released on Disney+ for fans outside of the US.

Not Dead Yet TV Series Cast

Gina Rodriguez as Nell Serrano, a journalist who moves back to LA after a break up

Hannah Simone (New Girl) as Sam, Nell's best friend

Lauren Ash (Superstore) as Lexi, Nell's boss at the SoCal Independent

Rick Glassman as Edward, Nell's autistic roommate

Joshua Banday as Dennis, Nell's co-worker

Angela E. Gibbs as Cricket, a widowed owner of a wine bar

Jimmy Bellinger as Mason, an intern at the newspaper

Ed Weeks as Philip, Nell's ex-boyfriend

Who Played The Ghosts?

Martin Mull as Monty, the first ghost Nell encounters and Cricket's late husband

Mo Collins as Jane Marvel

Brittany Snow as Piper, Nell's high school bully

Langston Kerman as Jesse, a young doctor who Nell falls for

Don Lake as Rand, an accountant

Julia Sweeney as Terri Lawrence, a famous puppeteer

Tony Plana as Carlos Garza, a sportscaster who Nell and her father admired

Paula Pell as Marlena, a famous actress

Ed Begley Jr. as Bill

Telma Hopkins as Susie

Rhea Perlman as Janice

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  • Gina Rodriguez Is Always Watchable
  • Fun, Cute Concept
  • Cast And Characters All Work Well Together


  • Nell Needs A Wardrobe Change
  • Episodes Are Soooo Short
  • It Screams 'Network Comedy'


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