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October Faction

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When the Allen's return to the family home they get more then they bargained for in this supernatural monster-hunting tv series. Good but not great.

Based on the comic book series of the same name, October Faction is a supernatural drama set in a small American town. Fred Allen (J. C. MacKenzie) has returned to the family home following the death of his father. Along with his wife and 17-year-old twins, the family initially plan to only sort out the estate, before they return to their home in Japan. It quickly becomes apparent that the Allen's are no ordinary family and both Fred and Deloris, are in fact monster hunters, agents working for a company known as Presidio.

After some debate, the Allen's decide to take a sabbatical but are instructed to remain in the town much to the annoyance of their kids who hate their school and new life. But when Fred and Deloris (Tamara Taylor) find themselves face to face with two supernatural monsters in the grocery store, all holy hell breaks loose and the couple are soon drawn back into the world they are trying to leave behind. Things get even more complicated with a warlock starts persuing the family putting the lives of the twins at risk.

October Faction has more plots and twists than you can shake a stick at. Every episode unearths some new revelation about the family, the town they live in and Presidio. The twins, Jeff (Gabriel Darku) and Viv (Aurora Burghart) have no clue about monsters or supernatural demons. But when they start to develop powers of their own, and learn more about their own origins, that's when the real trouble starts and alliances are formed.

As a series, October Faction starts off slow. The back story is drip-fed into each episode and for a while, you actually have no clue as to what exactly is going on. By the end of episode 10, everything is out in the open so stick with it because answers do come along.

It's good but not great and if supernatural dramas are your thing, the likes of Bitten, Locke and Key and Grimm are better.


  • Good Supernatural Effects
  • Plenty Of Plot Twists
  • Good Cast


  • Bit Slow In Parts
  • No Real Cliffhanger For Season 2


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