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Operation Christmas Drop

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Congressional aide Erica must head to Guam to research the finances of an airforce base that is facing closure. But when she discovers Operation Christmas Drop, she must make some tough decisions about her future.

There was a time when nearly every happy holiday movie came from Hallmark. Streaming platforms have since gotten into the game, with Netflix creating Operation Christmas Drop.

What Is Operation Christmas Drop Movie About?

Nothing can stop the wheels of politics from turning, not even Christmas. So when Congresswoman Bradford (Virginia Madsen) needs to make some tough decisions about closing a US air force base, she sends her aide, Erica, to Guam to research the facility.

Giving up Christmas with her family, Erica (Kat Graham from The Holiday Calendar) heads to Andersen Air Force base, where she must decide if it is worth keeping open.

There she meets and clashes with Captain Andrew Jantz, who traditionally oversees Operation Christmas Drop.

As you can imagine, despite Erica and Andrew getting off on the wrong foot, the two do become friends. Erica discovers that Operation Christmas Drop is vital to the surrounding remote islands.

The medical, school and food supplies that are delivered are so important to the Pacific islanders that closing the base would be catastrophic for the families that live there.

The problem for Erica is that while she is there to research the finances, her boss really wants to close the base, and Erica's report is more of a box-ticking exercise in an otherwise done deal.

If Erica doesn't write what Congresswoman Bradford wants, then she risks losing out on a promotion to Chief of Staff. Will she write the report and keep her job? Or will Erica risk it all for Operation Christmas Drop?

Operation Christmas Drop Movie Trailer

Is Operation Christmas Drop Worth Watching?

Like Holiday In The Wild, Netflix has created a Christmas movie that's more than snow-covered inns in quaint little towns.

They have focused on a bonafide humanitarian mission that has been going on since 1952. And they made the film in Guam using the actual Andersen military base.

Operation Christmas Drop is all about community and giving back and while it almost had to throw in a few romcom cliches, the focus is less on Erica and Andrew (Alexander Ludwig from Vikings) getting together and more on the work that is done. So for that reason, it stands out from the usual Christmas movies clutter.

Is it the greatest holiday movie ever made? No, it isn't. There really is no plot because, despite the ‘dilemma' congressional assistant Erica Miller faces, there's absolutely ZERO chance that it won't have a happy ending.

Then again, it is a Christmas romance movie so what else do you expect??

And if you like a bit of Christmas cheer, check out Love Hard, another holiday rom-com.

Is Operation Christmas Drop A True Story?

Based on real-world events, Operation Christmas Drop is a humanitarian mission that delivers vital supplies to the remote islands of Micronesia.

So while this film is loosely based on those annual events, it is still a Christmas romcom, albeit one with a really good message about the spirit of giving.

Operation Christmas Drop Netflix Cast

Netflix confirmed that this movie would have a release date on November 5th 2020. It is still a hugely popular movie around the holidays.

What makes it so likeable is the cast who are…

Kat Graham as Erica miller, a congressional aide who clashes with an Air Force Captain when her arrival threatens the base's closure.

Alexander Ludwig as Captain Andrew Jantz

Virginia Madsen as Congresswoman Bradford

Janet Kidder as Lieutenant Colonel Blaine

Jeffrey Joseph as Brigadier General Hatcher

Bethany Brown as Sunshine

Trezzo Mahoro as Joker

Rohan Campbell as Travis

Aliza Vellani as Sally

Aaron Douglas as Sampson

Xavier de Guzman as John-Michael


  • Clever Way To Highlight The Operation
  • Kat Graham Is Always A Delight
  • Focuses On The Spirit Of Giving


  • A Little Overly Sentimental


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