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The Outcasts

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Mindy and Jodi are fed up with being treated like dirt by high school Queen Bee, Whitney. Creating an uprising, they turn the school on its head ensuring the nerds will rule the roost. But nothing is that simple and soon the best friends find themselves becoming the very thing they hated in the first place. Good movie to watch with tweens!

The Outcasts is a teen drama set in a generic high school. From the outset the usual school hierarchy is established. There are the popular kids and then there is everybody else. But in their final year of school, two best friends, decide to turn things around.

Mindy and Jodi (Victoria Justice from No Kiss List, A Perfect Pairing) are self-confessed nerds. Mindy is hoping to go to MIT and Jodi is a bit of a music geek. Tired of being picked on by the school queen bee, Whitney, Mindy suggests that they do the mature thing and just all leave each other alone until school finishes. Surprisingly, Whitney agrees and even invites the girls to a party. However, it doesn't take long for her true colours to shine though. Playing a humiliating prank on Jodi, the friends decide enough is enough.

With the help of Virginia, played by Ashley Rickards, they orchestrate a strategic uprising in the school. Nerds will rule and popular kids will be no more. As a result, Whitney and her enabling crew are treated to a dose of their own medicine. Refusing to go quietly, Whitney plots her revenge and it soon becomes a battle of who can out-play the other.

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While that sounds dramatic, in reality the revenge is relatively harmless and more mean than anything else. In the midst of all the chaos, Jodi finds herself falling in love and Mindy soon becomes obsessed with taking down the popular kids. But more than all of that, The Outcasts is about friendship. Mindy, played by Eden Cher (The Middle) and Jodi, Victoria Justice, must overcome some major obstacles if their friendship is to remain in tact. But the longer the in-fighting continues, the more difficult that becomes.

The Outcasts is a simple yet engaging story that is easily watchable with older kids. It's not over complicated and yet has a couple of excellent moral tales thrown in for good measure. If you're trying to find something to watch as a family, you could do worse than The Outcasts.


  • Engaging Characters
  • Relatable
  • Good Moral Tale


  • Slightly Far Fetched


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