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For a decent crime drama watch Paranoid, based in the UK as a team of detectives go in search of a killer who murdered in broad daylight. But there's more to the story than they first think!

If you like crime drama then Paranoid on Netflix is another show to add to your watch list. Written by Bill Gallagher it was originally an ITV production in the UK and it follows a set of detectives in a small Cheshire town who must solve the murder of a doctor who was killed in a children's playground in the middle of the day.

The doctor, Angela Benton, was a mother who apparently led a very reclusive life and finding a reason she was brutally murdered proves very difficult.

Initially, DS Nina Suresh (Indira Varma), DC Bobby Day (Robert Glenister), DC Alec Wayfield (Dino Fetscher), and their supervising officer, DI Michael Niles (Neil Stuke) follow the leads that point to the killer being a local man who was suffering from mental health issues.

But when everything falls into place a little too neatly, a couple of the detectives find it all too convenient and start to dig deeper. And so the search for the real murderer begins.

Quickly into the investigation, they realise they are being followed by a person they dub the ‘ghost detective'. This ghost detective is leaving them clues that point to the victim having a secret past. But who is he and how does he know so much?

With little help from the victim's family, the detectives collect information that links to Germany and a pharmaceutical company that has been hiding the findings of a clinical trial, in the hopes of improving their market research.

But trying to nail down the specifics and how it led to murder prove incredibly difficult. Undeterred the detectives plough on, while also trying to balance their own lives in the process.

And that's what makes Paranoid a little different from the usual run of the mill crime dramas. This is as much about the characters as it is about the crime.

Sometimes this works and sometimes it's just a bit ludicrous. As an example, imagine speeding along to a crime scene only to stop and have a conversation about wanting to have a baby?!?

I know it gives the show a bit more balance but the will-they-won't-they between Nina (Indira Varma) and Alec (Dino Fetscher) played out far too long.

In terms of plusses for the show, Paranoid boasts the best of British when it comes to the casting. Robert Glenister is excellent as an ageing detective whose determination to stay at the top of his game has led him to become overly reliant on medication.

Neil Stuke as DI Michael Niles plays the boss who is more interested in wrapping up the case than actually getting to the truth, largely due to pressure from the top. And Lesley Sharp (Fate: The Winx Saga) as Lucy Cannonbury plays the very measured and calm influence that offers a voice of reason when needed.

Overall, as an eight part series, Paranoid is a solid crime show with plenty going for it. Thankfully the story does get wrapped up completely so no pesky cliffhangers.

Is Paranoid On Netflix Worth Watching?

If you like crime drama then yes, Paranoid is a decent addition to the genre. There are plenty of characters, the plot is well defined and with just eight episodes, the story is paced really well.

That said, it does go off in tangents completely unrelated to the crime and solving it. I sometimes wished the writer, Bill Gallagher, had made the character of DS Nina Suresh less needy and cliched but you can't have everything!

Is There A Season 2 Of Paranoid on Netflix?

Unfortunately not. Only one season of Paranoid was made. It was originally broadcasted on ITV in the UK in September 2016.

It then became available for streaming on Netflix and no follow up season was ever made. So all we got was one season consisting of 8 episodes of the British murder drama.

Who Is The Killer In Paranoid Netflix?

To answer that would ruin the entire series of Paranoid. Writer Bill Gallagher and directors Mark Tonderai, Kenny Glennan and John Duthie did a great job creating a show that linked a dark conspiracy with a criminal investigation keeping viewers engaged to the end.

So naming the murderer would spoil all of that – you'll just have to watch it!

The Cast Of Paranoid

As mentioned above, the cast of Paranoid features stellar British talent. And here they are…

Indira Varma as DS Nina Suresh

Robert Glenister as DC Bobby Day

Dino Fetscher as DC Alec Wayfield

Neil Stuke as DI Michael Niles

Christiane Paul as Detective Linda Felber, Düsseldorf Polizei detective

Lesley Sharp as Lucy Cannonbury, witness to Angela Benton's murder

Michael Maloney as Chris Crowley, psychiatrist

Kevin Doyle as the Ghost Detective

Dominik Tiefenthaler as Detective Walti Merian, Düsseldorf Polizei detective

Polly Walker as Monica Wayfield, Alec Wayfield's mothe

Anjli Mohindra as PC Megan Waters, Woodmere Police staff

Danny Huston as Nick Waingrow, Director of External Affairs, Rustin Wade Pharmaceuticals


  • Great Cast
  • A Complete Story Over 8 Episodes
  • Keeps You Watching


  • Too Much Personal Drama
  • A Lot Of Character Cliches
  • No Real Twists Or Turns


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  1. It’s ridiculous that these detectives didn’t bring any guns when they were looking for the murderer. Every time they were in situations with the murderer, they never pulled up a gun for protection!
    Also, there were too many personal issues dealing with their work at hand making them inadequate at their jobs.


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