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A Robin Williams classic as he portrays the real story of Patch Adams. Once a patient in a psychiatric ward to enrolling in medical school. A great movie with unorthodox outlooks on life.

An unconventional healer who was once in a psychiatric ward himself, Robin Williams plays Patch Adams in one of the most heartfelt movies from the 90's archives. Whilst most of the medical influences around Patch disregard him, it only drives Patch further to prove himself right.

When we get introduced to Patch at the beginning of the film he has admitted himself into a mental institution. He quickly learns that in the depth of his melancholy but when he helps others it is an escape from his mental seclusion. However, Patch takes it as far as going to college to study medicine after leaving the ward against medical advice. Despite his age which many others have a problem with, Patch is at the top of his class. Patch is often on the end of criticism, however, The Dean of the school takes it one step further and clearly has a personal matter with one of his top students.

Patch believes in more than just the medical side of things. He wants to know his patients, meanwhile, everyone else in the industry refers them by their disease or patient number. Humour is the best cure as the film portrays in a range of humorous scenes over the course of the film. Without giving too much away from the story, Patch opens his dream medical centre surrounded by acres of woodland. The dream wasn't just for the land or facility. The whole aim for it was to give free medical attention to those who need it most which is a genuine problem in most places.

Based on a true story, it is a really lovely film and the uplifting good spirits throughout the production is all thanks to the late Robin Williams. After watching Patch Adams we have a hunch it could be one of your new favourite movies. Good to watch with the family or perfect for a sick day on the sofa.

Update: Unfortunately, Patch Adams is no longer available on Netflix. You can buy it on Amazon but it is not included with the Prime subscription.

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  1. Robin Williams once again at his best, and a wonderful tribute to the real (Dr.) Patch Adams! Glad to see that Netflix is again showing this inspirational film.

  2. A great feel good movie!


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