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Pine Gap is a joint venture between the Australians and the Americans. It is here that satellites are tracked, intel is gathered and drone strikes are all part of a days work. But what happens when the Aussies and Americans stop trusting each other? A complicated but intense spy thriller.

With only six episodes in the Pine Gap series, you could be forgiven for thinking that you'll blast your way through it in no time at all. The problem with that is the complicated nature of the show. It's the kind of show you absolutely have to concentrate on. Blink and you'll miss something key to the overall story. That doesn't mean it's not good, you probably just can't binge watch it in one go.

And Pine Gap is good. Actually it's very good. It's based on the Pine Gap intelligence facility located in Alice Springs, Australia. A joint venture between the Australians and the Americans, it is here that satellites are tracked, intel is gathered and drone strikes are all part of a days work.

The problem is that the Aussies and the Americans are not playing nice – particularly their respective leaders. An alliance between the two countries is under increasing pressure. And increasing pressure from the top has filtered down to Pine Gap. The facility is run by two executives, one American and the other Australian. Both report to their respective heads of state in Washington and Canberra. When a Vampire Missile is launched and hits a small passenger aircraft, the race is on to find out who launched it and why.

The Australians know the answer but hide it from the Americans as the truth behind it will unravel the alliance. The Americans, not buying the excuses given, decide to investigate it secretly. It is also at this point that technician Moses Dreyfus discovers malware on the facility's servers. He reports it to station director Ethan James. It is then that realise it can only have been installed by an insider.

Whittling down the possibilities, they identify six members of A Team that could be responsible for the breach. Now the hunt is on to find the culprit and stop them before they can release classified information. But each of the six analysts has a potential reason for wanting to sabotage the facility. So which one is it?

Pine Gap is a multi-layered unconventional spy thriller. Everybody is hiding something and relationships are fraught with suspicion. Throw in a multi billion dollar deal with the Chinese and a town that is in desperate need of the financial boost and everybody is a suspect. The ending doesn't really resolve anything, in fact it poses more questions than it ultimately answers. Here's hoping for season two to finish the story!


  • Great Plot
  • Not Dumbed Down At All
  • Plenty Of Twists


  • Can Be Quite Complicated


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