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Sylvia and Will used to be best friends. After years apart, and now at different stages in their lives, they've reconnected in the friendship comedy Platonic.

Created by Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller, Platonic is an Apple TV+ comedy series starring Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen.

It follows the exploits of two best friends from college who reconnect as adults while at very different stages in their lives.

With ten episodes, the first dropped in May 2023, and with a run time of just 30 minutes, it's an easy breezy show, but is it worth watching?

What Is Platonic About?

Rose Byrne plays Sylvia, who gave up her job as a lawyer to be a stay-at-home mother of three.

While browsing social media, Sylvia stumbles upon news of her old friend Will's divorce. Having been best friends, their relationship faded after Sylvia confessed her dislike for Will's wife, Audrey.

So she reaches out to Will (Seth Rogen) and the two reconnect after she accepts an invitation to a party at his bar. Finding their groove again, the dynamics between these old friends soon kick in and form the crux of the series.

The problem is that Sylvia and Will are not at the same stages of life. Will never really grew up and Syliva is probably old beyond her years. But through their friendship and a series of chaotic encounters, Will starts to mature and Sylvia learns to love life again.

But with the duo's friendship dominating their time, can they balance their relationship without sacrificing other aspects of their lives?

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Is Platonic Worth Watching?

It's a question as old as time. Can men and women just be friends? This is almost not the point of Platonic, despite the title of the show.

Sylvia and Will know they are just friends. And credit to the plot writers, that's never in question. In fact, it would be a bit ick if they did hint at any romance.

Once you accept that premise, then Platonic is an ideal relationship comedy. It's fun, a little bonkers with plenty of physical comedy and is peppered with enough seriousness to keep you engaged.

Rose Byrne is a brilliant actress (see Physical for proof), and her scenes with her on-screen husband Charlie (Luke Macfarlane) and her best friend Katie (Carla Gallo) are so natural that you'd hardly know they were from a script.

Likewise, when Seth Rogen is in scenes with his buddies and working in the bar.

While initially, it's hard to believe these two were ever actually friends, that's also the point of the show. They were friends, they did have things in common, and they were the same. Now they're not. So those initial awkward moments re-enforce just how far apart they have grown.

It makes for a fun premise for a show. Platonic is well-written, brilliantly performed, binge-worthy and heartfelt.

Sure they might be two reasonably unhappy people but with their renewed friendship things are about to brighten up. And thankfully they're bringing us on the journey.

Where Can I Watch Platonic?

Platonic was produced by Sony Pictures Television for Apple TV+.

As such it is only available on Apple TV. It won't ever be available anywhere else so if you want to watch it, you have to have an Apple TV subscription.

Is Platonic A Spin Off Of Neighbors?

Even though Rose Bryne and Seth Rogen starred together in the movies Neighbors and the sequel Neighbors 2 and that both films were directed by Nicholas Stoller, Platonic, is not a spin off.

It is a completely different story with new characters and the movies and the comedy series have nothing to do with each other.

Platonic TV Series Cast

Rose Byrne as Sylvia, a stay-at-home mother of three and wife who reconnects with her former best friend, Will

Seth Rogen as Will, Sylvia's former best friend who is recently divorced and owns a bar

Luke Macfarlane as Charlie, Sylvia's husband who works at a law firm

Carla Gallo as Katie, Sylvia's best friend who is also a stay at home mom

Tre Hale as Andy, Will's friend and business partner

Andrew Lopez as Reggie, the main investor of Will's brewery

Vinny Thomas as Omar, Will's friend who works in the bar

Guy Branum as Stewart who works at Charlie's firm

Alisha Wainwright (Raising Dion) as Audrey, Will's ex-wife


  • Rose Byrne Is Exceptionally Good
  • Great Chemistry Between The Two Leads
  • Really Funny In parts


  • Not All The Jokes Land
  • Running Gag With The E-Scooters Gets Tired
  • We've Seen This Seth Rogan Character Before


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