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Friends Alice and Ben decide that to get through the hectic wedding season they will be each other's Plus One. But is love on the cards for the two of them? A very modern, funny movie that delivers more than expected from a rom-com.

Weddings feature heavily in romcoms and Plus One is no different. Thankfully though this is a little edgier with less rom and more com. The story follows two friends, Alice and Ben who have been buddies since college. Alice has recently broken up with her boyfriend and Ben is in pursuit of his perfect one true love.

During one particularly hectic wedding season, the friends decide they are sick of being at the singles tables and opt to be each other's Plus One. Cue a series of very funny speeches and boozy parties as the weddings take place. Alice plays wingman to Ben, trying to set him up with various women while she comes to terms with the fact that her ex has moved on.

However, after one particular wedding, the two hook up and decide that they will try to make a go of it. But will it last?

Plus One is a really clever comedy. Maya Erskine (Casual) plays Alice to perfection as a normal, everyday woman who is devoid of all the Hallmark features we usually associate with female rom-com leads. Because the twist in Plus One is that it's Ben who is the one looking for love and a happy ever after.

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The chemistry between Erskine and Quaid is great and really believable, probably because the script isn't contrived and their conversations are exactly how you would expect them to be. There is no slapstick or eye-rolling stupidity and the added touch of real wedding speeches was genius.

Overall, Plus One is a funny movie about two friends looking for love with a bit of will-they-wont-they thrown in. A refreshing change for fans of the genre and not too dissimilar to the equally excellent Destination Wedding with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.


  • Maya Erskine Is On Fire
  • Very Natural Script
  • More Comedy Than Romance


  • Maybe A Little One Note


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