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Point Break 2015

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Get your adrenaline fix here. Think of every extreme sport that is available today and squeeze them all into a two-hour feature film. If you like adventure sports then you may like this, but be warned it seriously lacks the substance of the original 1991 release.

Point Break was originally brought to the big screen in 1991, reaching cult status almost immediately on its release. The movie was based on a group of surfers who robbed banks to feed their needs of adrenaline boosting activities.

Then a rookie FBI agent joins the group undercover to expose their activities. The original movie didn't use CGI so the extreme sports sequences are quite believable. They probably even inspired a generation to go out and push their own boundaries.

The cast included Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey and Lori Petty to name a few. These characters were well developed and the film had a unique style to it, even though the script was quite basic it was well delivered and had some substance.

So when the remake was announced back in 2011 fans of the original film got very excited. As a cult classic, the new film had a lot to live up to and fans can be very unforgiving and if you dirty the brand. Unfortunately, this is where the remake released in 2015, failed epically.

Desperate to meet the expectation of the fans, it just tries too hard. As mentioned the original introduced a whole audience to extreme surfing, rock climbing, skydiving etc. But the new movie takes the extreme too far. The viewer is immediately taken on the most unbelievable ride of one extreme event after another.

With some very poor CGI, we are expected to believe these ridiculous stunts and tasks, called the Ozaki8, are supposed to be impossible. The extreme sports are ridiculous and over the top. The viewer just ends up being deeply insulted and uninspired to give any of the sports a go.

Whilst the plot was quite weak in the original, there at least was one even if it was selfishly indulgent. The new film skirts around any substance to the characters and the story. The whole premise is that an extreme crew led by Bohdi is seeking a spiritual connection with mother earth to save the planet. What?

Sadly that premise is as far across the line as the ridiculous stunts. The cast is weak, with the one exception being Ray Winstone. He at least manages to bring some reality to the whole experience. Laird Hamilton was quite cool to see too. The film's poster has a line on it saying –  Find Your Breaking Point – I think I found it.

If you want to watch some wild extreme sports for two hours and you're not really bothered if the content is believable, Point Break 2015 is worth giving a go. After all, it's included in your Netflix account, so it could be worth watching if you are off sick and bored.

But as a fan of the original, I was deeply disappointed and will not watch it again. If it's action you're after then The Commuter (review here) is much, much better.

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  • Lots of Action
  • Great Scenery


  • Terrible Casting
  • Totally Unbelievable
  • Non-Existent Script


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