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The feel-good show of the year, Queer Eye overflows with positivity as it follows the Fab Five as they transform the lives of men across Atlanta. This is no ordinary makeover show, this is a tonic for the soul and a gem from Netflix. More please.

More than a makeover show, Queer Eye is one of Netflix's biggest hits and follows the fab five – Tan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan, each with their area of expertise, as they revamp the lives of some well deserved men. Based in a different town for each of their five seasons, the team focus on one person per episode as they bring a light-hearted approach to overhauling lives.

The episodes go like this: a person gets nominated by a wife or friend or colleague with some pretty solid reasons as to why their loved one needs help with their life. The guys show up, delve a little deeper and work out how they can help.

Cue the montage of style and grooming makeovers, home revamps, culture boosts, cooking tips and all with a smattering of some emotional moments thrown in for effect and just like magic a whole new person steps out of the shadows at the end – usually accompanied by lots of tears (and that's just me!).

Queer Eye is an absolute tonic for the often crazy world we live in. It is full of fun, friendships and feel good stories and the fab five are kind, caring and compassionate and genuinely want to make a difference in people's lives. They leave the lives and homes of the people they meet better than how they found them, giving a lot of the men and women in the series a new found sense of confidence and renewed spirit for life.

It's positive nature and uplifting premise is a must for all the family and it is honestly one of the very few programs on tv that my whole family watch together. We love the Fab Five, even some of the shows cringey moments and that's why it's the gem of Netflix – that and Antoni (wait til you clap your eyes on him!) – so if reality shows are your thing but you like them deeper than a puddle, Queer Eye is your next binge show.

Thankfully there are now FIVE seasons to get stuck into! And if you've watched all of them then check out Say I Do – bit like Quer Eye but with weddings!


  • The Fab Five
  • The Transformations
  • Uplifting


  • Only 8 Episodes Per Season


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