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What do you do when you discover that your seven-year-old has superpowers? That's the problem facing Nicole in Raising Dion as she fights to keep her son safe despite the secrets, conspiracies, and mysteries that surround the family. A solid sci-fi/fantasy that is perfect for all the family.

Normally when we see superheroes on the screen, they are fully-fledged adults. Rarely are they only just coming to terms with the extraordinary powers that they have been given. That's where Raising Dion is unique. Dion is only seven years old. His father, Mark, died in a storm and his mother, Nicole, is raising him by herself. And just when life for the young widow couldn't get any more difficult, her son starts to display abilities she can't explain.

Suddenly Dion is levitating and making toys fly around the room with no way of either controlling or stopping it. The only person Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) can turn to is Pat (Jason Ritter), her husband's best friend and Dion's godfather. Pat and Mark (Michael B. Jordan) both worked for a biotech company called Biona. As the episodes of Raising Dion unfold, it becomes clear that when Pat and Mark were on a work assignment in Iceland, a weather anomaly had a far greater impact on the people there than anybody realised.

With some sort of freak radiation falling from the sky, anybody there (except for Pat as he wasn't outside) started to develop powers within a few years of returning home. And that includes Mark. What nobody realised was that it also altered DNA and so it was passed to Dion genetically. By the time Nicole works this out, she has managed to track down one other person who was there, in Iceland – Charlotte Tuck. The vast majority of the other people who were there have gone missing or died.

Now Nicole must figure out how to keep Dion (Ja'Siah Young) safe from whatever is tracking them down. Is it Biona? Could it be the storm? Is her husband really dead? Who can she really trust and depend on to help them?

As fantasy/sci-fi/superhero shows go, Raising Dion is a slick and engaging production. With a seamless script, great special effects and a natural evolution through the story, it is perfect for older kids and adults alike. It also has plenty of twists and turns which are difficult to see coming. And props to Ja'Siah Young for keeping Dion so innocent and likeable. Actually, all of the cast are great which is probably why the show is so watchable. Of course, there are bound to be a couple of plot issues but these are few and far between unless you are actively looking for them.

So is Raising Dion worth watching? Yes, it absolutely is. And there was definitely enough of a cliff hanger at the end to warrant a second season…


  • Great Special Effects
  • Plenty Of Twists and Turns
  • Very Likeable Characters


  • Some Plot Holes


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