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Ana suddenly finds herself single and getting increasingly desperate joins a class on how to find a husband. Ready To Mingle is a really authentic and relatable Mexican comedy that is as sweet as it is funny. Kudos to Cassandra Ciangherotti who carries the movie brilliantly.

Ready To Mingle is the brilliantly funny Mexican comedy, also known as Solteras – which actually means ‘Single'. Ana has been dating Gabriel for 10 years and so far there's no sign of a ring on her finger. Frustrated by the fact that all of her friends seem to be off getting married, Ana decides to apply some pressure. However, Gabriel promptly decides he's not the marrying type and Ana finds herself very single very quickly.

To add insult to injury, her cousin has managed to get a proposal after only three months of dating. Wanting to know how she did it, Ana discovers she took a class on how to find a man to marry. Reluctantly Ana (Cassandra Ciangherotti) signs up for the class and soon the mission to find a husband begins. Steps include a full make-over, tips on questions to ask and avoid and the dos and don'ts of putting yourself out there.

So armed with a new set of rules Ana goes off in pursuit of a husband. As the title suggests, she is after all single and Ready To Mingle! But with one failed date and encounter after another, it just doesn't seem to be working. Then she meets Diego (Juan Pablo Medina) and soon things are starting to look up. But Ana has a singular focus and that is to get engaged and married at all costs. When Diego hasn't proposed within weeks of them dating she starts to panic that it will never happen – especially when one of the other girls in the group sprouts a ring! Will Ana get her happy ever after or will she sabotage it?

Now, of course, the premise of the movie is questionable. The desperation to find a man, any man, is enough to make the more cynical of us roll our eyes. But if you look past it, what you get with Ready to Mingle is a very authentic comedy – think ‘In Family I Trust‘ or ‘Despite Everything‘.

Ana, who looks uncannily like Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place), is a truly relatable character. She's been strung along for a decade and now finds that time is no longer her side. Constantly peppered with questions about her love life from family and friends, it is enough to drive anybody mad. So you can't really blame her. Thankfully there is a deeper point to the movie. Sometimes you just have to be happy with who you are on your own. So how will Ana end up? You have to watch Ready to Mingle to find out.


  • Very Authentic
  • Quirky & Witty
  • Great Natural Cast Chemistry


  • Far Too Much Emphasis On Finding A Man


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