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When nerdy dog lover Dani starts dating her long time crush Cameron, his ex-girlfriend Alexa uses her #realityhigh social media following to befriend her and get revenge. This attempted Mean Girls re-boot woefully misses the mark.

#RealityHigh is a Netflix film that is pitched at the teen market. It sets about following Dani, a smart if somewhat dowdy teenager through high school. Dani is, and always has been, in love with Cameron. But Cameron is dating Alexa, the most popular girl in the school. Alexa also has a ridiculously high social media profile and regularly adds to her channel #RealityHigh. Hence the name of the film.

When Cameron and Alexa break up he bumps into Dani at Bark. Bark is the name of the Vet clinic where Dani volunteers as she pursues her dream to become a Vet herself. Cameron asks Dani out and while she is delighted, Alexa is not. Cue the faux friendships as Dani tries to blend in with the popular crowd. As with any teen romance, Dani loses herself along the way and becomes an entirely different person before realising the error of her ways. And that is the entire movie in a nutshell.

I wish I could tell you that it is captivating and relatable. It isn't. It is absolutely awful. Think of every terrible cliche and trope that has been used in every teen movie since the beginning of time and you will find it in this film. I'll start with the obvious. Dani is played by Nesta Cooper. Cooper also stars in Netflix's Travelers (review here!) where she plays a late-20-something married woman with a child. At the same time she's making #RealityHigh we are supposed to believe she is about 17. Nobody's range is that good.

Her character comes complete with a nerdy side-kick/best friend called Freddie who of course is in love with her. Despite his glances of unrequited love, he's the first to get binned when she gains some popularity. Yawn. Next up is Alexa. The self appointed queen bee of the school. Like all Ms Popular characters, she too is an utter raging cow. This sadly is a running theme of the movie. Virtually all of the players are horrid people in some way. Popularity and social media rules as they relentlessly bully and torment those not worthy enough.

Add in an annoying little sister, understanding parents, a hapless school Principal, two girls fighting over a guy and nerd-to-stunner makeover and you have all the makings of dreadful waste of 1h 40m. It is a stereotypical-enforcing piece of junk that I only watched to the end so I could write this review. Don't make the same mistake.


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