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When Erica's dreams of becoming a singer go awry she takes a job in Mauritius in Resort To Love. But all does not go well when she discovers her ex has booked his wedding there and his fiancee has no idea he used to be engaged to Erica! Predictable romcom but still entertaining.

Who doesn't love a good ‘ole romcom? Ok, so not everybody does, but I do, which is great because it meant cosying up on the sofa to watch Resort To Love.

Resort to Love, a sun-soaked romantic comedy on Netflix, is like a delightful cocktail of humour, heart, and tropical vibes.

Starring the charming Christina Milian, this movie takes us to an island paradise where aspiring pop star Erica navigates through a series of unexpected twists and turns.

Whether you're in it for the romance, the stunning scenery, or just a feel-good flick to brighten your day, Resort to Love is a delightful escape from the ordinary.

What Is Resort To Love About?

The story goes that Erica Wilson is a very determined young woman who wants to be a professional singer. She has sacrificed everything, including her relationship with her ex-fiancee Jason (Jay Pharoah), to follow her dreams.

However, when her big break gets sidelined, she is left with no choice but to take a job as a resort singer in a luxurious Mauritius island resort.

Now I know what you are thinking. How awful that she ‘has‘ to work on a beautiful, sun-drenched island that looks like paradise. But this is a rom-com, not Citizen Kane, so we'll go with it.

Once Erica (Christina Milian) gets there, she meets Barrington (T.J. Power), one of her band members and the go-to guy for everything that needs to get done at the resort.

She soon settles into her new life, and all is going smoothly until she is booked to do another wedding. Only this time, it's for her ex and his bride-to-be, Beverly.

Stunned by the revelation that Jason has moved on, Erica is all in a tizz. To make matters worse, Beverly has no idea that Jason used to be engaged.

Agreeing to keep their past relationship a secret, they crack on with wedding plans, and all soon become friends.

But are Erica and Jason really over? Is there a glimmer of unresolved feelings lingering between them?

In a nutshell – yes. However, the introduction of Jason's brother Caleb (Sinqua Walls) as a potential love interest and the fact that Beverly (Christiani Pitts) is so lovely really doesn't make you root for Erica and Jason.

You're probably not supposed to, anyway.

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Is Resort To Love Worth Watching?

Resort To Love will not rank well with the critics, after all, it has fondue levels of cheese at its core. But there is still a lot to like about it.

Christina Milian (Falling Inn Love) is very watchable and relatable as a woman who just doesn't know what she wants out of life.

It was produced by Alicia Keyes, so the music is on point. And the impending love triangle is entertaining.

Overall, Resort To Love is an easy watch and, while still predictable, is at least entertaining.

And if you liked that movie, then you may also want to watch Love Guaranteed with Rachael Leigh Cook.

Cast Of Resort To Love Netflix

Christina Milian as Erica, a young woman who must overcome a music career meltdown and take a job as a singer at a luxurious island resort

Jay Pharoah as Jason King, Erica's ex-fiance who arrives where she is working for his own wedding party

Sinqua Walls as Caleb King

Tymberlee Hill as Amber

Christiani Pitts as Beverly Strattford

Karen Obilom as Janelle Strattford

Alexander Hodge as Christian

TJ Power as Barrington


  • Christina Milian Is Very Watchable
  • Good Love Triangle
  • Easy To Watch & Entertaining


  • Predictable
  • Lots Of Romcom Cliches


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