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If you like animated shows like American Dad, South Park or Family Guy then you'll love Rick and Morty. The show is funny and intelligent at the same time.

Rick and Morty is widely regarded as the best cartoon series since The Simpsons. Although, the comedy is more akin to American Dad or South Park than it is to The Simpsons.

The story follows the adventures of a mad scientist Grandad and his Grandson. Morty is the Grandson who started out in season 1 as an unsure little boy who lacked any real confidence.

However, once Grandad Rick moves in with the family he takes a shining to his Grandson. They travel through space, time, dimensions and alternative realities causing mayhem along the way.

Rick and Morty is original with its writing, characters, and narrative. Each episode is different from the last, which stops the show from becoming formulaic.

If Sci-Fi comedy is your thing, get watching now before they release the new seasons.

The short episodes will fly by as Rick & Morty prevent the inevitable end of the Earth from a constant Alien threat.


  • No Weak Episodes
  • Outlandish Plotlines
  • Action Packed


  • Animation Style Isn't Groundbreaking


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