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Emma is a suburban mother and wife with a very big secret - she's an assassin and now she's in trouble, in action comedy Role Play starring Kaley Cuoco.

It seems like we can't get enough of the secret spy/action genre these days with more and more movies about husbands and wives who had no idea they were married to a top CIA agent – or some otherworldly international kabal.

Role Play, starring Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo, is the latest to join the list.

Directed by Thomas Vincent, this is a quirky film that tries to blend comedy and action, but to what effect?

Is it just another run-of-the-mill flick, or is there more substance to it than first appears?

Let's find out!

What Is Role Play About?

Emma Brackett is your typical suburban mom. She works hard, has a wonderful husband, Dave, and two kids who are just adorable.

Her hubby thinks she's a regional salesperson, but what he doesn't know is that Emma has a secret life and is actually a highly trained assassin.

Despite being kept in the dark since the day they met, things soon come to a head when Emma is spotted by a rival, Bob Kellerman, in a hotel bar on a night out with David to celebrate their anniversary.

When her attempts to permanently silence Kellerman go wrong, both she and David are wanted by the police as witnesses. Only then does poor Dave get told who his wife really is.

By now, though, Emma has headed to Germany to find the source of all her problems so she can finally leave the life she hates.

Of course, the path to freedom doesn't run smoothly, and soon, her whole family is at risk.

Can she get them all to safety and leave her old life behind? Watch Role Play to find out.

Role Play Official Trailer

Is Role Play Worth Watching?

On the back of Big Bang Theory, The Flight Attendant, and Based on a True Story, this is Kaley Cuoco's chance to flex her muscles a bit. And I mean that literally, as she does have some pretty kick-ass scenes.

The chemistry with David Oyelowo is good and believable, but that's pretty much it, as the rest of the film leaves a lot to be desired.

It suffers from trying to squeeze so much into the time run that no sooner has she been found out, then it's nearly over with quite an anti-climactic ending. It's not quite the exciting espionage action flick that we are led to believe it is.

That said, it's not a serious film. This isn't David Fincher's Killer. It's more a fun sort of action comedy on Amazon Prime Video that passes the time when you can't find anything else to watch.

It's not terrible (though that is up for debate) but it's not great either. What I will say is that Kaley Cuoco is as likeable as ever and it really was fun watching David Oyelowo take on a more light-hearted role.

Sure, there are better movies out there but if you want some easy breezy fun, this ticks a lot of boxes.

Cast Of Role Play Movie

Kaley Cuoco (Meet Cute) as Emma Brackett, an international assassin who is also a suburban wife and mother

David Oyelowo (Silo) as Dave Brackett, Emma's unsuspecting husband dave

Bill Nighy as Bob Kellerman, Emma's rival

Connie Nielsen as Gwen Carver

Rudi Dharmalingam as Raj

Lucia Aliu as Caroline Brackett

Regan Bryan-Gudgeon as Wyatt Brackett

Simon Delaney as Toby Berman

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  • The Always Likeable Kaley Cuoco
  • Great To See David Oyelowo In A Comedic Role
  • Doesn't Drag


  • No Depth To It
  • Supporting Characters Very Underused
  • Anti-Climactic Ending


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