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Rough Night

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Five friends on a bachelorette accidentally kill a stripper and must spend the night trying to cover up the crime. Could have been a clever comedy but misses the mark completely. It's just not funny and is, sadly, a complete waste of time.

Rough Night is, to put it bluntly, a rough watch. It is pitched as a black comedy that starts in 2006 with four besties in college. Swearing to be in each other's lives forever, it then quickly skips ten years ahead. So now it's 2016 and a lot has changed for the friends.

Jess Thayer (Scarlett Johansson) is running for Senate and engaged to Peter. Her best friend Alice has decided to throw her a bachelorette party in Miami, getting the old pals back together. They are soon joined by Jess's Aussie friend, Pippa, played by Kate McKinnon. So the girls rock up to their Miami pad for a party but first are introduced to neighbours Lea and Pietro (Demi Moore and Ty Burrell) who are decidedly overly sexualised and creepy.

With the introductions out the way, the girls head out for a night on the town. So far so good. Then one of them scores some coke and soon all five girls are dancing on tables and basically off their heads. When they get back to the apartment they are joined by a guy they assume is a stripper. But when he is accidentally killed (within minutes of arriving), the night soon turns very grim as the girls try to figure out what to do with the body.

Afraid to call the police, they first move the body, then decide to get rid of the body. And all through a haze of crazy drug induced antics. Jokes are shoe-horned into the script to bring a bit of lightness to the situation but they just fall flat. When the police arrive the girls think they are home and clear but are they?

All the while, Jess's fiance Peter has decided to make the trip to Miami to rescue his relationship. His is another ridiculous journey of driving non stop in a nappy just to get to her faster.

Overall, the comedic talent of the cast is utterly wasted on this movie, especially Jillian Bell (Brittany Runs A Marathon). Rough Night is neither funny enough nor dark enough to be a dark comedy. It just lacks a level of cleverness that would have made it a really solid and entertaining movie. It's the kind of film that if you skipped through half of it you would miss nothing.

There are far better ‘friends' movies out there such as Desperados, Bad Moms, Wine Country, Bridesmaids etc…


  • Good Cast
  • Solid Movie Premise


  • Irritating
  • Frustratingly Unfunny
  • Annoying Characters


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