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Rush is based on the true story of two Formula One legends, James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. These two sporting greats are polar opposites in life and on the track, the film focuses on their fierce rivalry in the racing season of 1976. Right from the opening credits, the film has you right on the edge of your seat and the camera work is spectacular. A truly captivating movie that is in places quite horrific.

Rush catapults you into the 1970's in an adrenaline-fueled, thrilling and sometimes horrific story of two alpha males who dominated the 1976 Formula One season.

Similar to Borg vs McEnroe, the fact that the story is true makes the film even more captivating and for those who are old enough to remember the actual races, this film will take right back to the glory years of motor racing.

Racing in the 1970's was a truly dangerous sport and the movie focuses on the huge risks taken by the drivers. Getting into a Formula One racing car was like taking your life into your own hands and the drivers became international stars.

Two drivers stood out from the rest of the pack in the 1976 and they could not be more different in their approach to life and to the sport.

James Hunt was a swashbuckling pin-up English man who truly lived the playboy lifestyle and Nikki Lauda was a clinical perfectionist and both of their driving styles reflected their persona's.

They had developed a rivalry early in their careers racing in Formula Three and this rivalry evolved into sporting legend and came to a spectacular climax in 1976.

Is Rush Worth Watching?

Ron Howard directed the movie and the attention to detail is just incredible, the cinematography is just breathtaking.

Motor racing movies have historically been quite weak in the script and always been somewhat disappointing, but Howard takes this difficult story and delivers it in a way that pulls on every human emotion.

The cast of Rush is excellent – James Hunt is played by Chris Hemsworth (In The Heart Of The Sea, Spiderhead) who initially seems to struggle with the role.

But as soon as he delivers the line “The name is Hunt, rhymes with C**nt” he warms into the role and pulls the audience in. Nikki Lauda is played brilliantly by Daniel Bruhl, he takes on this challenging role and gives a performance that even Lauda himself applauds.

Lauda famously has a horrific crash in the Season of 1976 and this is recreated spectacularly by Howard on the screen, but the scenes that follow the accident are perfectly performed by Bruhl.

If you are into motorsport and remember the motor racing heroes of the 1970s then this is the film to watch.

But even if you are not a fan of the sport, the film will still grab you as the story is equally focused on the struggles within us all and how humans can rise to the extreme challenges of life.


  • Amazing Camera Work
  • Great Performances
  • Fantastic Soundtrack


  • Historic Inconsistencies
  • Overly Dramatised


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