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Santa Claus has a daughter and she must marry the son of Jack Frost and take over the family business. But Cassie Claus has other ideas and enrolls in college in the real world. Santa Girl is a sweet Christmas movie, great for all the family and along the lines of The Holiday Calendar and The Christmas Chronicles.

Have you ever considered that Santa Claus may have children? Well, in Santa Girl he most certainly does and she is primed to take over the family business! One slight problem though, she really doesn't want to.

Cassie Claus (Jennifer Stone) has a predicament. She is only about 18 years old, too young to take over an operation as large as Christmas and she wants to explore the real world. So, without telling her father, she applies to college and she gets in.

Reluctantly, Santa Claus (Barry Bostwick) agrees to let her go under one condition. She must return home by Christmas because she has to marry the son of Jack Frost. The marriage contract between the two families has been in place since the children were babies. Christmas has become a very expensive endeavor and the merging of the powerful magical families will ensure that it can continue. After all, children around the world need presents at Christmas!

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So off Cassie Claus goes to college, with her personal elf, Pep (McKayla Witt), in tow. Quickly she becomes friends with JR (Joshua Cody), who we discover is the son of Jack Frost and Cassie's intended husband – though she doesn't know this. Cassie, however, also becomes friends with Sam (Devon Werkheiser) and soon finds herself torn between her friendship with the two men in her life. Will she fulfill her promise to return to the North Pole and marry JR? Or will she follow her heart, break the contract and stay with Sam?

Santa Girl is a sweet Christmas movie that is perfect for all the family. It's up there with Princess Switch, The Holiday Calendar and The Christmas Chronicles, all of which are great for kids and won't bore the pants off the parents watching with them! So get the hot chocolate and cozy up for another cute Christmas movie to get you in the holiday spirit!



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  • Perfectly Sweet Movie
  • Great For Families


  • Not Much By Way Of Plot Twists


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