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Three wedding experts come together for Say I Do, a reality tv show that creates surprise weddings for eight deserving couples. A heavy blend of tragedy and uber sweetness that misses the fun and quirkiness of Queer Eye.

Before I start writing the review for Say I Do, I should point out that I am a sucker for these types of reality shows. Happy, upbeat, feelgood tv that is destined to put you in a good mood. I adore Queer Eye and have binge-watched every season on the day it came out. So my hopes were very high for Say I Do, especially as it has the same creators as Queer Eye.

So what is the show about? In a nutshell, there are eight couples, one per episode, and one person plans to propose and organise a surprise wedding for the other at the end of the week. In order to help them achieve this, there are three wedding experts. Jeremiah Brent takes care of all the actual wedding and the decor. Thai Nguyen is a high-end designer who creates the wedding dresses and suits for the couple. And Gabriele Bertaccini is the chef who will create the wedding meal.

The show starts with an introduction to the couple in question. She or he thinks they are taking part in a show that details their love story, their partner is planning to get down on one knee and give them the wedding of their dreams. He meets with the three hosts and tries to give them as much info as possible so they can get started on the wedding plans.

Then comes the proposal and once he or she knows, they then also works with Jeremiah, Thai, and Gabriele to put the finishing touches to the wedding. So far so good. But there are a couple of issues. It's so overly sweet that I almost got diabetes from watching it. From beginning to end it is a cringe-fest of undying love and adoration. These are either the eight most perfect couples on the planet or the creators told them to lash on the sentiment like it was their full-time job.

The weddings are stunning and they really reflect the couple getting married. But so much of Say I Do is about the tragic backstory of each couple that it's almost sad and slightly depressing. A few of the couples getting married have very complicated families, many of whom were well and truly thrown under the bus. I wouldn't want to be in the room when they sat down and watch the show when it aired!

All that said, if you like reality uplifting reality shows based around weddings then Say I Do will tick a lot of boxes. For me, it was far too saccharine and lacked any of the quirkiness or fun that you get with Queer Eye.


  • Beautiful Weddings
  • Good Mix Of Couples
  • Three Really Likeable Experts


  • Editing Wasn't Great
  • Overly Sweet
  • Quite Depressing Back Stories


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  1. Hi I was looking at your show, just wanted to say I been watching very touching made me cry, but a happy cry. That you guys are doing something to help ;people that deserve it. I have been through some of the same things and more. I have been through a lot of loss. lost a home , sickness and so much more. I hope its not to late for me to experience happiness again before I am too old lol. I work in Mental Health and love helping people and a lot of times I have forget about my self or my issues. Its a good feeling to be there for others. I really love your shoe its so touching, you guys are awesome!


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