Scales Mermaids Are Real

Scales Mermaids Are Real

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Siren Philips is a perfectly normal 11-year-old that soon discovers she is anything but ordinary. She is half-mermaid and will transition in less than a week on her 12th birthday. But with hunters tracking her down can she make it to the sea without being captured? A solid film for older or pre-teen kids who love mermaids!

Sun, sea, sand and mermaids. What's not to love about that? It's exactly what you get with the movie Scales Mermaids Are Real, available now on Amazon Prime. I should point out that as an adult writing this review, I did actually watch it with my nine-year-old who loved it!

Scales Mermaids Are Real follows the story of 11 year old Siren Philips, played by Emma Perry. She's a perfectly normal little girl living with her mum in a beachside house. It's a lovely town and life is very ordinary. She then befriends the new boy in school, Adam, who has brittle bone disease. Apparently there's a possible cure that his father is searching for and they believe they can find it in the town.

That's when we discover that Siren, who will soon turn 12, is actually half mermaid. Her birth mother was a full mermaid and entrusted her care to her friend. Plus, she also made her promise to keep the secret for as long as possible. The change has already started to begin in Siren. But there's a twist! Not only is her best friend also half mermaid, but so are quite a few of the town's women.

The drama comes in the form of the hunters. Their mission is to track down the half breed mermaids and capture them. And, as you can probably guess, Adam's father is one of them. Believing that Siren's blood will cure his son, the race is on to evade capture and transition peacefully into the sea.

The premise of the story is really good for kids. It's about friendship, loyalty and doing the right thing. There is a small bit of tension which builds as the mermaids are being hunted down but it's nothing that kids can't handle. The cast is really good and includes Morgan Fairchild and Elisabeth Röhm.

Overall, it has its fair share of pre-teen angst, a healthy does of fantasy and isn't the worst movie you could watch with the kids. Along the lines of Just Add Magic, which is also great for the family.


  • Good For Kids
  • Decent Plot
  • Blend Of Fantasy And Drama


  • Some Acting Is a Bit Poor
  • Simplistic Storytelling


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