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Maddie Nears is dead. Now she sits in the afterlife with no memory of how she died or who killed her in School Spirits, an addictive whodunnit on Paramount.

A whodunnit with a twist, School Spirits is the addictive tv series from Paramount that has viewers guessing right up until the last minutes of the season.

A supernatural teen drama created by Megan Trinrud and Nate Trinrud, the first season premiered on March 9, 2023.

Adapted from the graphic novel by the Trinruds and Maria Nguyen, School Spirits stars Peyton List, Kristian Flores, Spencer Macpherson and Milo Manheim.

But what is it all about and is it worth watching?

What Is School Spirits About?

For students at Split River High, high school can seem never-ending. However, for Maddie Nears (Peyton List), a recently deceased 16-year-old, it truly is an eternity.

We meet her as she sits in the bleachers at a school assembly as the teachers encourage anybody who knows about her disappearance to come forward.

What they don't know is that she is already dead, and she knows she's dead. Now she finds herself confined to an afterlife-limbo at her high school, alongside other souls who have passed away within the school's walls over the past century.

The problem is that, unlike the others in the afterlife, Maddie can't remember how she died.

But when she discovers that she can still interact with her best friend Simon (Kristian Flores), she uses her newfound abilities to help in the investigation of her own murder.

So who killed Maddie Nears? Watch School Spirits to find out!

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Is School Spirits Worth Watching?

Absolutely yes. In an era of binge-watching, I can honestly say that aside from Ted Lasso, School Spirits is the only show I actively waited week after week for a new episode.

As each episode dropped a new suspect was identified as Maddie and Simon followed the evidence and tried to work out who killed her.

Was it the teacher? Or the janitor? Heck, even her own mother didn't escape scrutiny. And as each person was ruled out, theories about her so-called death ran rampant on social media.

And while the overall plot of the show is insanely addictive, what makes School Spirits stand out in the high-school genre is the stripped-back nature of the production.

We finally have a group of teens who actually look like teens in a normal high school. It's a revelation and one that everybody can identify with which has probably contributed to the success of the show more than anything else.

That and the excellent writing, character development and subplots which involve the other high schoolers who have died over the years.

School Spirits is funny, bittersweet, sad, uplifting, and intriguing and provides a crime solving journey with enough threads hanging that a season 2 is a definite must.

School Spirits TV Series Cast

Peyton List (Hubie Halloween, Cobra Kai) as Maddie Nears, a 16-year-old presumed dead who finds herself in the afterlife investigating her own murder.

Kristian Flores as Simon Elroy, Maddie's best friend and the only person who can see and speak to her ghost.

Milo Manheim as Wally Clark who was killed in a football tackle at the homecoming game his senior year.

Spencer MacPherson as Xavier Baxter, Maddie's boyfriend.

Kiara Pichardo as Nicole Herrera, Maddie and Simon's friend.

Sarah Yarkin as Rhonda who was murdered by school counsellor.

Nick Pugliese as Charley who died when he forgot his EpiPen.

Rainbow Wedell as Claire Zomer a cheerleader who comes under suspicion.

Josh Zuckerman as Mr. Martin, the after-life group counsellor

Maria Dizzia as Sandra Nears, Maddie's mother

RaeAnne Boon as Dawn

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  • Intriguing Central Mystery
  • Relatable Set Of Characters
  • Fantastic Soundtrack


  • It Can't End Well For Maddie
  • Could Have Thrown In A Couple Of Curve Balls


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