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When Jennifer wakes up from a car crash with no memory she must rely on her husband to nurse her back to health. But all is not as it seems and soon Jennifer is fighting for her life. I wish I could conjure up something positive about Secret Obsession. I can't. It's just terrible.

Without meaning to absolutely ruin Secret Obsession for you, it is a dire movie. Like, play on your phone while you ignore it in the background dire. And there are quite a few reasons why. Firstly, the powers that be at Netflix decided to release a trailer that more or less summarises the ENTIRE film is less than two minutes. If you've seen the trailer you have seen everything the movie has to offer. In fact, it takes more than 40 minutes of the film to even get to the twist that the trailer gives away!

But before I go any further with my review I should actually tell you what the film is about. Brenda Song plays Jennifer Williams who is involved in a car crash. She wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Her husband Russell (Mike Vogel) then nurses her back to health and takes her home to their very remote but beautiful home in the mountains/forest.

On her path to full recovery, Jennifer starts to become wary of her situation. Who and where are her family and friends? Why doesn't she have a job? And why does she feel absolutely nothing for her husband? As her memories start to come back in bits and pieces, Jennifer realises all is not as it seems.

Meanwhile, Detective Frank Page (Dennis Haysbert) is trying to work out what happened in the original car crash. Seemingly finding more questions than answers, he starts to work out the more sinister side to Russell. Then there's a bit of a cat and mouse chase before the movie comes to its welcome and unsurprising conclusion.

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Ordinarily, a plot like that could throw up a few twists and turns, something to get the blood pumping. Secret Obsession does none of that. It has more plot holes than a cheese grater and a cast that can best be described as cliched. Why oh why, when creating a supposedly loving husband, would you then inflict the coldest and creepiest man on both Jennifer and the viewers? NOTHING about him says warm, caring or loving. So instantly the entire concept of the film is ruined. And it just goes downhill from there.

Sorry, Secret Obsession, much like An Affair To Die For, is a no-go movie devoid of any originality. There are much better shows and movies on Netflix that you would be better off watching. I suggest The Nightcrawler or Mindhunter if you want an engaging crime drama/thriller?



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  • Predictable
  • Unoriginal
  • Ruined By The Trailer


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