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If you want an easy watch and a great binge then turn on Selling Sunset. The reality show focuses on the luxury high-end house market in LA but all the drama is in the office! Very addictive.

Get ready for your next big binge!! Selling Sunset is a brand new reality show on Netflix and it is addictive! The Oppenheim Group are high-end real estate agents based in LA. When I say ‘high-end' I mean they sell homes worth up to $40m a pop. Two brothers own the company but the sellers, who are all female, do the house showings, broker the deals etc…

Put your first impressions aside. Yes, these women walk around in 17-inch heels, are perfectly manicured in every conceivable way and have more fillers than a Harley Street medical practice. However, they are also incredibly smart and sharp as a razor. They are professional in the extreme and very, very good at what they do. In fact, quite soon into the show, you get a glimpse at the crap they have to put up with from some of the slimier buyers and you wonder how they can even do their jobs.

But as beautiful and exquisite as the homes that are on offer are, the real drama is in the office. Originally there was a team of four women – Mary, Maya, Christine and Heather. Then a ‘new girl' joins the company, called Chrishell Hartley. Instantly the dynamic changes as the newbie tries to fit in. It would be all too easy if the others were just nice to her. And some of them are but not enough to stop the back-biting and bitching that permeates every episode.

Chrishell, you see, comes across as a genuinely lovely person. She didn't have the ideal start in life but has worked hard and made her way up the ladder, stopping only to marry actor husband Justin Harley (This Is Us and Bad Moms Christmas). Struggling to get her first sale but trying to fit in, she soon realises that it is a vipers nest and before long finds herself being well and truly thrown under the bus by the very unlikeable Davina. To be fair, Davina is hardly in it but when she is, she's just mean. Sorry, I mean ‘honest' to use her own description of herself.

Mary is having relationship problems with her much younger French boyfriend and that tends to dominate the show slightly. I'm not sure why because it's all quite dull but drama must come from somewhere so it may as well be them. Heather is having issues with her long-distance boyfriend. Christina is the brashest, loudest and the most competitive and Maya comes across as the nicest but struggling with her husband living in another city. Add Chrishell into the mix and what you get is five very different personalities trying to get to the top of their game in a highly competitive industry.

It really is a very good show. It has the perfect mix of characters, viewpoints, drama and amazing homes to keep you glued. Fingers crossed that Netflix pick it up for season 2. I really want to know who sells the $40m house and if Chrishell can make it in the company!


  • Great Mix Of Characters
  • Plenty Of Drama
  • Incredible Homes


  • Too Short
  • Too Much Focus On Romaine (The Boyfriend)
  • Chrishell Needed A Win


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