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A 37 year old woman wakes up from a twenty-year-coma and goes back to high school to reclaim her status and the prom queen crown she missed out on. Comedy starring Rebel Wilson.

There was a time when comedies were coming at us non stop. They seem to be pretty thin on the ground at the moment which is why Senior Year is such a welcome addition to Netflix.

Starring Rebel Wilson and Alicia Silverstone (in a small cameo role), Senior Year is basically about Stephanie, a very popular high-school cheerleader who falls off the top of a cheerleading pyramid and ends up in a coma just before her prom.

And she stays that way for 20 years, waking up as a 37-year-old who still thinks she is 17.

Annoyed with missing out on so much, she decides to go back to school and reclaim her status and that prom queen crown.

Of course winning will never be that easy, especially when Stephanie's arch-nemesis from 20 years older shows up to ruin her dreams – again.

Rebel Wilson plays the lead Stephanie Conway, with Angourie Rice as the teenage version but who doesn't love seeing Silverstone return to her comedy roots!

Is Senior Year Worth Watching?

Look, I'm not gonna lie. I really wasn't expecting much from Senior Year but was pleasantly surprised by just how funny it was.

The plot may be a bit crazy but Rebel Wilson is perfectly cast and has the comedy background to bring the whole thing to life.

Just think of Isn't It Romantic, The Hustle, Pitch Perfect and How To Be Single and you already know what kind of movie you are in for.

The supporting cast is great, there are plenty of nostalgic 90s flashbacks (for those old enough to remember) and a solid toe-tapping soundtrack.

You've got high school life, the cheerleading squad, the popular girl dating the quarterback and a 37 year old woman who wants to relive it all.

Rebel Wilson described the movie as “the wildly funny love child of Bring It On and Never Been Kissed .”

So while Senior Year on Netflix won't win any awards, it is great fun for a night in.

Senior Year Release Date

Filming for Senior Year wrapped in July 2021 and Netflix have now confirmed that the global release date is May 13th 2022.

Cast of Senior Year

The film boasts a really good cast all of whom have plenty of comedy acting chops…

Rebel Wilson as Stephanie, a 37-year-old who wakes up from a 20-year coma and decides to go back to highschool.

Alicia Silverstone (Clueless) – former prom queen that has the perfect life Stephanie wants.

Justin Hartley (The Noel Diary) – the grown up Blaine, Stephanie's boyfriend

Angourie Rice (Mare Of Easttown) – young Stephanie

Sam Richardson (Werewolves Within) as Seth, Stephanie's best friend all grown up

Zoë Chao (The Afterparty) as Tiffany, her highschool enemy

Mary Holland (Hoops) as Martha, grown up best friend and now principal of the highschool

Chris Parnell (Rick & Morty) as Jim Conway, Stephanie's father

Jeremy Ray Taylor as Neil Chudd, Avantika as Janet, Michael Cimino as Lance, Jade Bender as Brie Loves and Joshua Colley as Yaz – highschool friends.

Who Directed Senior Year On Netflix?

As always a huge amount of people are involved in the creation of a brand new Netflix movie.

In the case of Senior Year, it is directed by Alex Hardcastle, his first feature film, and written by Andrew Knauer, Arthur Pielli and Brandon Scott Jones.

Bringing the whole thing to life are producers Todd Garner, Rebel Wilson, Timothy M. Bourne, and Chris Bender.


  • Great Cast
  • Good For A Laugh
  • Perfect 90s Nostalgia


  • Not Breaking Any New Ground
  • Predictable Ending


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  1. Light comedic and fun. I’m picky about movies and I watched the entire thing smiled laughed a few times and came away “excited about the future letting go of the past”


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