Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

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Seth Meyers Lobby Baby is a stand-up special from the late-night comedian and is an hour of fun and laughs about life as a husband and father. Relatable and easy-going, it is one of the funnier specials available on Netflix.

For those of you unfamiliar with Seth Meyers, he is an American comedian and tv host. He is also a writer, producer, political commentator, and actor. He hosts Late Night with Seth Meyers, a late-night talk show that airs on NBC. And, to add even more to his CV, he was also a cast member and head writer for NBC's Saturday Night Live. Put it this way, he has more than enough comedy experience to warrant his own Netflix Special!

That's how we arrive at Seth Meyers Lobby Baby. This is his first stand-up special for the streaming service and it runs at just over an hour long. So with an abundance of comedy specials to choose from, is the Seth Meyers addition any good? Yes, it definitely it. It's is hilarious but probably geared at a very specific demographic.

Most of the material is based around being married and being a parent. So if you fall into either of those two categories you will definitely be able to identify with almost everything he talks about. But aside from the funny anecdotes about his wife having OCD how his children were born, there are a couple of more interesting aspects to his show.

The first is that Seth Meyers is known for a more political genre of comedy but is also very aware that not everybody wants to listen to those types of jokes. So he has created a new function which allows you to skip through the political bit of the show. You simply click the button, which looks like the ‘skip intro' button and boom, you instantly move to the next segment. I should say that I watched that bit and it is both short and tame compared to some of the things he could have said.

The second more unusual approach is that for the last 10 minutes or so, his act switches so that he pretends he his is wife giving her thoughts on him. Clearly he is not afraid to poke fun at himself, which he does in abundance. It's actually one of the funnier parts of the entire special.

Seth Meyers Lobby Baby is very, very funny. It is so relatable that it becomes comforting to know that even celebs encounter the exact same problems as everybody else. So if you want a few laughs, check out Seth Meyers Lobby Baby for some easy fun.


  • Very Relatable
  • Great Anecdotes
  • One Of The Better Standups


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