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When the bad-girl of the school befriends awkward teenager Otis she suggests that they should start a therapy clinic together to deal with their fellow students' weird and wonderful problems. Both hilarious and quite serious in equal measure but a show that we can all relate to. A must watch.

Sex Education is the huge hit that started streaming on Netflix in January 2019. And the premise is simple. Sex is complicated. More so if you're a confused teenager.

The show is filmed almost entirely from a high school student's point of view but covers a vast number of scenarios that teenagers encounter during their adolescence.

It is nothing if not relatable on multiple levels.

What Is Sex Education About?

There are a few key players. Gillian Anderson stars as Dr. Jean Milburn a sex therapist.

Divorced, she has a teenage son called Otis, played by Asa Butterfield. Otis is an awkward, sexually confused but very smart 16 year old.

His best friend is Eric, who is navigating the waters as an openly gay young man from a traditionally religious family.

Aware that their status at school is way down the pecking order, things change when the resident school bully takes too many viagra and can't get rid of his ‘problem'.

Otis, using therapy techniques gleaned from his Mother, saves the day. Which doesn't go unnoticed by Maeve Wiley.

Maeve is the epitome of cool but is also a social outcast. She is the bad-girl of the school but quickly befriends Otis and suggests that with her business skills and his knowledge that they should start a therapy clinic together.

After all teenagers need sex advice too!

Once word gets around that Otis is quite the dab hand at dispensing real-world and practical advice the clients soon come knocking. This is useful because Maeve needs the money. A lot.

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Is Sex Education Worth Watching?

Sex Education is a brilliantly created, developed and acted piece of tv.

Yes, there are laugh-out-loud moments, but more importantly, it tackles some serious real-world issues that everybody can identify with.

As a result, similar to the Spanish drama Elite, nothing is off limits. That said, it is not gratuitous for the sake of it. Every episode and there are eight of them, tackles another weird and wonderful problem.

The characters develop as the show goes on and it becomes quite clear that everybody, no matter how good you think they have it, is facing their own set of problems.

Sex Education is brilliant, and we all have our fingers crossed that seasons 2, 3 and season 4 will be winging their way to Netflix very soon.

IN the mean time, if you have already binged everything the series has to offer, check out our list of shows like Sex Education for more fun drama.


  • Totally Relatable
  • Excellent Cast
  • Engaging Characters


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