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In a bid to find love based on personality rather than looks, contestants wear elaborate disguises as they go on three dates hoping to find the perfect partner in Sexy Beasts. Great concept, terrible show that is boring and repetitive.

Sometimes you really have to question why on earth a tv show has been made. I'm talking about Sexy Beasts, a Netflix Original that puts a twist in the dating game. Now I get that some people struggle to find the perfect partner but things have to be pretty dire if you think the answer to your problems is going to be on Sexy Beasts.

The premise is simple. Tired of being judged on their looks, our singletons have donned elaborate disguises so that they can be judged on personality. Think The Masked Singer. First up is the person looking for love who then goes on three dates. Cue lots of chit chat as our lovebirds get to know each other better. Once the dates are over one of the would-be-suitors is dumped leaving two hopefuls still in the mix. Next comes a couple of longer dates before finally one is chosen.

After each 'round' the costume is binned and the person is revealed in all their glory. The new couple then strolls off hand-in-hand delighted with their choice. And that's it. Really. There is nothing more to this show. All of the contestants are young and gorgeous. There is no drama, no twists, no changes to the format. It is beyond repetitive and boring. In fact, the only highlight is the sharp sarcastic running commentary from comedian Rob Delaney. That and the special effects make-up which is very impressive.

The problem with Sexy Beasts is that they are attempting to attract people based on personality when the reality is that they are all so beautiful they would be attracted to each other anyway – if that makes sense. It would actually have been clever if they got to date people they would never have ordinarily gone on out with. That would have been a twist. Thankfully there are only six episodes so you don't have to endure it for that long.


  • Interesting Concept


  • Everyone Is Beautiful, Defeating The Purpose
  • Mostly Quite Shallow People
  • Repetitive And Boring


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