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When Marine sharpshooter Bobby Lee Swagger is framed for a crime he didn't commit he goes all out to prove his innocence, unraveling a huge conspiracy that goes all the way up to the highest offices in the US.

If you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, or you simply want a new show to delve into then Shooter may be the one for you. Action, conspiracies, and far-fetched scenarios that pit a good guy against a host of bad guys, Shooter is all high-octane, non-stop drama from beginning to end.

Bobby Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe, The 2nd) is a decorated marine. One of the best sharpshooters in the military, he now lives a quiet life with his wife and daughter. But when his former captain (Omar Epps) comes knocking for his help, his sense of duty leads him down a deadly path.

There is an assassination threat against the president and Swagger's job is to identify the possible locations of the shooter. Only when the assassination goes wrong does Swagger realise that he has been set up. Finding himself in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Swagger must now escape and unravel the conspiracy of who wanted to kill the president and frame him for it.

But even he needs a bit of help so he turns to the one FBI agent, Nadine Memphis, who actually believes him. It all hinges on dismantling a secret cover-up between the Russians, Americans, and Ukrainians and a massacre, called NXB, that was caught on tape. If Swagger can find the thumb drive he can prove his innocence and go back to his normal life.

Everything about Shooter is a little over the top. Despite being on the run, Swagger never runs out of bullets or fuel and seems to be able to almost teleport himself to any given location when needed. If you can get past that, then it's quite a good story. Phillippe for his part is very convincing as a decent guy who happens to be the marksman of the century. Calm under pressure and one who is willing to do anything to save his family, he is easy to root for.

Even better is that while the first story is technically wrapped up, the conspiracy goes much much deeper. So much so that there are three seasons in total each with Swagger trying to save the day. This is either your cup of tea or it isn't but if you like crack shots, good guys vs bad, and stories rooted in the US military, then Shooter is definitely worth watching.


  • Plenty Of Action
  • Keeps You Watching


  • Completely Unrealistic
  • Crazy Conspiracy theory


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