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Shrinking follows Jimmy, a therapist who is also grieving the loss of his wife but with great friends and family, he just might find a way through, in this warm comedy series.

Shrinking is an American comedy-drama television series created by Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso), Bill Lawrence (Creator of Ted Lasso and Scrubs) and Jason Segel.

The series premiered in January 2023, on Apple TV+ and stars Jason Segel, Harrison Ford and Jessica Williams.

So if you're looking for a new comedy series, you'll want to know what Shrinking is all about and if it is worth watching.

So let's find out…

What Is Shrinking About?

Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel) is a therapist who is also grieving the loss of his wife, who died a year earlier.

With his life crumbling around him, a teenage daughter, Alice, who barely speaks to him and patients who don't seem to be improving, Jimmy finally snaps.

On the verge of breaching ethical barriers, Jimmy decides to tell his patients exactly what he thinks, which results in massive changes to his and their lives.

But when Jimmy hits a roadblock with one of his patients, Luke Tennie, a patient suffering from anger management issues, Jimmy must resort to unusual measures to solve the problem.

As Jimmy tries to work his way through his grief, his family and friends rally around to get him through in this fun comedy drama.

Shrinking Official Trailer

Is Shrinking Worth Watching?

Despite starting with the premise of a grieving therapist who has lost his wife, Shrinking is actually very light-hearted and great fun to watch.

It is brilliantly cast plenty of quick-witted banter between the characters, especially from Christa Miller, who plays Liz, Jimmy's next-door neighbour.

Harrison Ford is superb as Jimmy's fellow therapist and all round grumpy boss. And that is all tempered by Jessica Williams, who brings the light and upbeat energy.

There's something very likeable about Shrinking, largely because the balance between comedy and drama is spot on – as you would expect from a Ted Lasso alum and the creator of Scrubs.

You are always aware as a viewer that Jimmy and Alice are really struggling, yet comedy gold comes from Michael Urie and the various interactions between the characters. All of which elevates it above the standard fare that we are used to.

So is Shrinking worth watching? Absolutely yes. Apple TV+ has done another stellar job of trusting great writers to create a great show that is nuanced and clever with characters you like and root for. Thumbs up!

How Many Episodes In Shrinking?

Shrinking has ten episodes in the first season, the first two of which were dropped on Apple TV on January 27th 2023.

Apple TV+ then dropped a new episode weekly, ending on March 24th 2023.

Will There Be A Second Season Of Shrinking?

The good news for fans of the show is that Apple TV has officially renewed it for a second season.

Both critics and the audience love the tender comedy series so all signs pointed to our favourite therapists coming back.

And they will. Apple TV Plus confirmed it on its Instagram account on March 10th 2023.

Shrinking TV Series Cast

Jason Segel as Jimmy Laird, a grief-stricken therapist who is struggling with the death of his wife

Jessica Williams (The Incredible Jessica James) as Gaby, a fellow therapist working with Jimmy at the therapy center

Harrison Ford as Dr. Paul Rhoades, a senior therapist and colleague of Jimmy's who has Parkinson's diagnosis

Luke Tennie as Sean, a patient suffering from anger management issues after returning from active military duty

Michael Urie (Single All The Way) as Jimmy's best friend Brian who is a lawyer

Lukita Maxwell as Alice, Jimmy's teenage daughter who is also struggling with her own grief

Christa Miller (Scrubs) as Liz, Jimmy's next-door neighbour who helps with looking after Alice

Ted McGinley as Derek, Liz's husband

Heidi Gardner as Grace, one of Jimmy's patients


  • Funny And Clever Script
  • Great Characters
  • Warm And Light-Hearted


  • Episodes Are Quite Short
  • Sometimes You Want To Shake Jimmy
  • Christa Miller Character Similar To Scrubs Character


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