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Samantha Fink is a Single Drunk Female in this comedy drama about a young woman who must come to grips with her alcoholism and get her life together before she winds up in jail. Finds the wit and fun in a show dealing with a serious subject.

When Fleabag hit the theatres and then the tv screens, it was seen as revolutionary. Taking a really serious subject matter and dousing it in bouts of sharp, hilarious comedy brought the realism of life that had often been overlooked.

Following that trend, comes Single Drunk Female, an American comedy drama created by Simone Finch.

Samantha Fink (Sofia Black-D'Elia) is a 28-year-old working in a New York media company. Having graduated from NYU and with a great job, the future is bright for Sam. There's just one problem. She's an alcoholic.

Her life is in freefall and when she turns up to work drunk, it's the last straw. But refusing to go quietly she inadvertently assaults her boss and finds herself sentenced to 30 days in rehab and community service.

With no other options, this party girl has to move back home to Boston to live with her overbearing mother (Ally Sheedy), join AA and get her life together.

Sounds easy enough. But Samantha doesn't really think she has a problem. That is until she falls off the wagon, drink drives and crashes the car.

Now with a felony conviction, her probation officer makes it very clear that if she doesn't complete her sentence she will do jail time.

So one day at a time, Samantha must put her old life behind her and attempt to find and live her best self.

Is Single Drunk Female Worth Watching?

Similar to the likes of Back To Life or Life & Beth, Single Drunk Female is a really solid comedy-drama. It is unusual in that most tv characters that suffer from alcoholism are usually older and more destructive.

Whereas here, Samantha is young, funny woman with tonnes of potential, if only she could get out of her own way.

We get glimpses into just bad her problems are starting with her spectacularly embarrassing public breakdown, her ruined personal relationships and her inability to deal with her father's death.

But over ten tv episodes we also get to see her put the pieces of her life back together with the support of her best friend Felicia (Lily Mae Harrington), her AA sponsor Olivia (Rebecca Henderson), her potential love interest James (Garrick Bernard) and her new boss Mindy (Jojo Brown).

Single Drunk Female is clever and witty without shying away from the trauma of being a recovering alcoholic and it is well worth watching.

Is There A Second Season of Single Drunk Female?

In April 2022, Single Drunk Female was renewed for a second season and fans are delighted that Samantha Fink will be back to work on her sobriety.

Freeform president Tara Duncan said that she was ecstatic to bring the breakout comedy series back for another season.

“I cannot wait to see what they have in store for Sam as she continues on her journey to becoming her best self in Season 2,” Duncan said.

It has been confirmed that the second season of Single Drunk Female will also have ten episodes.

The big question is Can Samantha stay sober? What will happen to her relationship with James? And can Sam and Brit put the past behind them?

Is Single Drunk Female On Netflix?

Unfortunately, Single Drunk Female is not on Netflix.

Instead, you can watch it on Freeform in America or on Disney+ everywhere else in the world.

Single Drunk Female Cast

Sofia Black-D'Elia as Samantha Fink, an alcoholic who is forced to move back home after a public flame out

Rebecca Henderson as Olivia, sponsor of Samantha at Alcoholics Anonymous

Sasha Compère as Brit Samantha's ex best friend

Lily Mae Harrington as Felicia, Samantha's drinking buddy and current BFF

Garrick Bernard as James, a fellow member of AA and potential love interest

Ally Sheedy as Carol, Samantha's mother

Jon Glaser as Nathaniel, Samantha's former boss

Madison Shepard as Gail Williams, Samantha's probation officer

Jojo Brown as Melinda “Mindy” Moy, Samantha's boss at Giovanni's grocery store

Ian Gomez as Bob, Carol's boyfriend

Charlie Hall as Joel, Samantha's ex-boyfriend and Brit's fiancé

Madeline Wise as Stephanie, Olivia's wife

Tom Simmons as Ronnie

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  • Great Blend Of Comedy And Drama
  • Very Well Cast
  • Totally Bingeable


  • Some Elements Make Recovery Look Easy
  • Lot Of Millennial Stereotypes
  • Lite On The Alcoholism


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