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An absolute gem of a tv series, Sisters is now streaming on Netflix. Follow Julia who navigates the chaos her father created when he used his own donations to fertilise hundreds of women throughout his career as a Noble Prize winning geneticist. It's packed with drama, comedy and is completely engaging.

The Australian drama Sisters has just arrived at Netflix and it is a gem. Julia Bechly, played by Maria Angelico, is the only daughter of Noble Prize winning Julius Bechly. His pioneering work in the field of fertility has made him a superstar but now he is dying. As a last act of rebellion he decides to write an open letter to a newspaper and tell the world that over the course of 30 years at The Bechly Clinic, he used his own donations to fertilise women without their knowledge.

Potentially he has hundreds of children which comes as a huge shock to everyone, most of all to Julia. With no records to determine who the women or potential children are, Julia attempts to turn lemons into lemonade. She decides to host a family gathering and invites all of the potential children to a lunch. There they can get their DNA checked for confirmation as well as get to know each other. What results is a blossoming sibling relationship with Edie and Roxy.

Edie, played by Antonia Prebble, is a lawyer and family friend of the Bechly's. It transpires her mother actually knew Julius was her father but just never told her. To make things worse, she grew up around the Bechly's and is left feeling devastated and betrayed. Torn between having a family with loving siblings and filing a class action lawsuit, Edie's life just gets more and more complicated as the show progresses. Roxy (Lucy Durack) is a children's tv presenter and has a bit of painkiller problem. The idea that Julius could be her father gives her a renewed sense of self and purpose. But the glossy display of positivity and optimism is only masking a terribly sad lack of self-esteem and worth that is beautifully played out by Durack.

The three characters in question couldn't be more different and each brings something unique to the show. Julia is the eternal giver who has spent most of her life caring for other people at the expense of following her own dreams. Edie is a tougher nut to crack. She is stoic and resolute in the pursuit of justice all the while knowing the terrible consequences her actions will have. Roxy comes across as the more fun-loving of the three but between them they light up the screen.

The script is superb and amidst all the drama Sisters has some real laugh out loud moments as well as parts that will have you sobbing your heart out. The cast, characters and writing are all top notch in this new unmissable show on Netflix. I loved it and was reminded of The Letdown, another superb Australian drama. Both are so relatable, honest and refreshing and thankfully without the usual hollywood sheen!


  • Brilliantly Written
  • Completely Engaging
  • Top Notch Acting


  • Only 7 Episodes


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