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Explosive action meets icy determination in Sisu, a Finnish war thriller that defies easy categorization. If you thought you knew what to expect from a World War II film, prepare to have your expectations shattered in 90 heart-pounding minutes.

Sisu might first appear as a wartime thriller. However, its gritty atmosphere, lone hero, and visceral showdowns also pay homage to the elements of a classic Western movie.

Under the masterful direction of Jalmari Helander, Sisu plunges us into the unrelenting and brutal world of World War II, set against the backdrop of Finland's sprawling, icy landscapes.

What Is Sisu About?

In Sisu, we're introduced to Aatami Korpi, masterfully brought to life by Jorma Tommila.

Accompanied only by his unorthodox sidekick, a Bedlington Terrier, Aatami Korpi radiates the gritty allure of a classic Spaghetti Western hero.

His squinting gaze and impassive mien, reminiscent of Clint Eastwood's iconic characters, signal that he's no ordinary gold prospector.

A battle-hardened veteran of Finland's conflict with the Soviet Union, Aatami has traded his rifle for a shovel and spends his day alone in the vast Finnish countryside prospecting for gold.

On a seemingly ordinary day, Aatami stumbles upon a bonanza—a rich vein of gold hidden beneath Finland's desolate landscape.

However, unearthing this treasure is merely the first obstacle. His true challenge is getting it safely to a nearby town for valuation. All while dodging a retreating German army intent on claiming it for themselves.

The prospector finds his path obstructed by the retreating, yet still formidable, German army. When a Nazi officer accidentally discovers his golden treasure, Aatami's hermit-like existence erupts into a high-stakes battle to control the hoard.

Sisu Official Trailer

Is Sisu Worth Watching?

This is a film that boldly walks the line between a war thriller and a Spaghetti Western with Nazi villains.

If you can't stomach ultra-violence or exploitation, this may not be your cup of tea.

But if you have a soft spot for the audacious spectacle found in films like John Wick or Tarantino's oeuvre, with the solemn gravitas of a classic Western, then Sisu will likely exceed your expectations.

It's a self-aware, audacious film that relishes in its own frenzied pacing and absurdity.

Jalmari Helander crafts the film into a series of adrenaline-pumping set pieces, each breaking physics as if mocking it.

It's a film that knows its identity, playing with its outlandish action sequences and often winking at the audience as if to say, “How far can we go?”

Sisu Movie Cast

Jorma Tommila as Aatami Korpi is magnetic, a stoic embodiment of the film's fusion of war and Western genres. He is the silent but fearsome loner, the anti-hero who compels us to keep watching.

Aksel Hennie's portrayal of Nazi Commander Bruno adds a layer of deranged menace to proceedings. You might remember the actor from his role in the sci-fi blockbuster The Martian.

Jorma Tommila as Aatami Korpi

Aksel Hennie as Bruno Helldorf

Jack Doolan as Wolf

Mimosa Willamo as Aino

Onni Tommila as Schütze

Tatu Sinisalo as SS Soldier

Wilhelm Enckell as SS Soldier

Arttu Kapulainen as Rower

Ilkka Koivula as Fighter Pilot

Max Ovaska as Engineer

Pekka Huotari as Pilot

Severi Saarinen as Troop Leader


In summary, Sisu is a brutal, relentless, and self-aware cinematic experience that bends genres. It masterfully combines elements of a wartime thriller with a Western's isolating, violent ethos.

Whether the film leaves you exhilarated or utterly drained may depend on your appetite for its graphically violent.

One thing's for sure, though: Sisu is unforgettable.

Is Sisu Based On Real Events?

Sisu is not directly based on actual events but draws inspiration from historical figures and other films.

According to the director, Jalmari Helander, the film is partly inspired by the 1982 action movie First Blood.

It is also influenced by the life of Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper known for his extraordinary marksmanship. He fought during the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union in 1939-1940.

Simo Häyhä, often called the “White Death,” is credited with killing over 500 enemy soldiers, a record that stands today. He was a master of camouflage and had an uncanny ability to remain hidden in the snow-covered Finnish landscapes, often painting his face white to blend in.

Häyhä survived numerous attempts by the Soviets to kill him, including artillery strikes and counter-sniper missions. His story symbolises the Finnish concept of “Sisu,” representing a unique blend of determination, bravery, and resilience.

Where to Watch Sisu?

If you're intrigued by the violent yet engrossing narrative of Sisu and want to catch this visceral Finnish war thriller, you'll be interested to know where you can watch it.

Unfortunately, the film is currently unavailable to stream for free on major platforms like Netflix or Amazon.

However, there are still several ways to watch Sisu at your convenience. You can purchase the movie on various platforms, including:

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  • Jorma Tommila Delivers A Great Performance
  • Moves At A Breakneck Pace


  • Violence And Gore Might Be Too Intense
  • Doesn't Offer Much In Terms Of Emotional Investment


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