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Welcome to Snowflake Mountain where a group of young clueless adults are put through their paces in a bid to help them grow up. How will they cope in the wild when they only have themselves to depend on?

Netflix has pushed big on their reality show programming with plenty of dating and makeover shows slated for the next few months. Joining them is Snowflake Mountain.

So what is Snowflake Mountain all about? Basically, we live in a world where some young adults refuse to grow up. Enabled by parents, these clueless kidults can't even accomplish basic skills like cook a meal, load a dishwasher or get a job.

Now that their parents have had enough it's time for these overly dramatic snowflakes to get a dose of reality.

And what better people to drag them into adulthood than Matt Tate and Joel Graves, ex-military survival experts.

Our 10 snowflakes all think they are heading to a luxury villa for a reality show. Instead, they end up at a wilderness survival retreat where Matt and Joel will kickstart them into standing on their own two feet.

Along with survival expert, Cat, they will be instructing them on what to do and dishing out punishments for those who deviate from their advice.

Want to eat? Then catch it and kill it. Feeling the cold? Cut down the tree to get the firewood. Need wi fi? Tough, this is the wilderness. There is no wifi.

It's time for these young people to grow up but everybody needs a little incentive and so this is also a reality competition where the winner, the person deemed to have come the furthest at the end of the show, will win $50,000.

Snowflake Mountain Official Trailer

Is Snowflake Mountain Worth Watching?

Snowflake Mountain is a funny, warm-hearted reality show. Sure, the contestants start off incredibly annoying. Screaming and crying over not having lipgloss or their designer clothes.

Heck, one young person doesn't even make it passed the first day! But for those that stay, the transformation (for most) is quite remarkable.

Yes, Snowflake Mountain puts them through their paces at the back-to-basics camp and it is a rude awakening to just how pampered their lives have been so far.

But, over the episodes, as they are forced to grow up, they actually do. There are a few hilarious moments along the way but actually, I was surprised by how quickly they adapted.

Given that there’s no running water, no parents to wait on them, and, worst of all, no Wi-Fi, they surprise even themselves by connecting to nature, on their way to becoming fully-functioning adults.

Where Is Snowflake Mountain Filmed?

If you were hoping that Snowflake Mountain is a real-life location, sadly the answer is no.

And the biggest surprise? It is not filmed in the US, despite the vast majority of contestants and the survival experts all being American.

Snowflake Mountain was actually filmed in the UK, specifically in the Lake District in Cumbria.

Most of the show was filmed on a private, family-run estate called Graythwaite Estate, near the town of Hawkshead.

The Snowflake Mountain contestants camped out on the 5,000 acres of land that surround Graythwaite Hall.

Snowflake Mountain Contestants

The show started out with 10 excited young people. One departed very quickly, unable to make it passed the first few hours with another joining a few episodes in.

It then transpired that there was $50,000 up for grabs. However, if any of the other contestants leave then $5000 gets deducted from the prize pot.

So does anybody else leave? Watch to find out…

These are the cast members: Deandra, Liam, Devon, Rae, Olivia, Solomon, Carl, Randy, Francesca, Sunny and Darriea.


  • Interesting Concept
  • Evolution Of The Contestants
  • Matt & Joel


  • Not A Huge Amount Asked Of The Snowflakes
  • Short With Only 8 Episodes
  • Heavily Produced


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