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Someone Borrowed follows Luiz, a stubborn bachelor who hires a fiancee to fulfil his dying mother's wish to see him married. A daft Brazilian rom-com but not the worst.

Are romcoms the same the world over? If you've watched enough of them the format becomes very clear. They usually involve two people who initially don't like each other before they fall in love. This is pretty much the theme of Someone Borrowed, the Brazilian romantic comedy on Netflix.

Known as Esposa de Aluguel in Portuguese, before we get into the actual review of whether or not it is worth watching, let's get a little summary of what actually happens.

What Is Someone Borrowed About?

Luiz is a determined bachelor who still lives at home with his mother. He has very specific rules for dating, which include never lying and ending every relationship before it gets to three months.

Lina (Thati Lopes) is an actress who takes on side jobs pretending to be a ‘wife' to earn extra money.

Luiz's mother is desperate for him to get married. So when she is given just six months to live, she tells him her wish is for him to find a wife before he dies.

Being the dutiful son, Luiz hatches a plan to hire Lina to pretend to be his fiancee, making her Someone Borrowed, hence the title of the movie.

Of course they get off to a rocky start when they can't get their stories straight. Then they have to move in together and actually become friends.

And just when they are falling in love, their plan is foiled and everybody knows they have been faking it.

So can Luiz and Lina trust each other again? Will they get a happy ever after? Find out in Someone Borrowed.

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Is Someone Borrowed Worth Watching?

This is a movie that definitely improves the longer it goes on. Honestly, neither of the two leads is particularly likeable at the beginning.

Luiz (Caio Castro) is a man-child who actually throws temper tantrums when his Mum talks to him about settling down, and Lina is the most overacted character ever!

It's only when they start to become friends that the overly dramatic antics settle down, and you can start to enjoy the story.

Sadly that doesn't last very long because the ending is soooooo cringe (the scene on the bridge anyone??).

Overall, it could have been worse. Yes, the comedy is forced and the first impressions of Lina and Luiz are not good. But it is sweet enough to keep you hanging on until the end.

Maybe check out alternatives such as The Hating Game or Isn't It Romantic for a few more laughs.

Predictable and a bit daft, it's a love story we've seen before, albeit with a Brazilian rom com twist.

Someone Borrowed Movie Cast

Caio Castro as Luiz, a stubborn bachelor who hires a fiancee to fulfil his mother's dying wish.

Thati Lopes as Lina, an actress who agrees to pretend to be Luiz's fiancee

Mariana Xavier as Maria Inez, Luiz's meddling sister

Danielle Winits as Soraya, ex-love of Luiz

Danilo de Moura as Nestor, Luiz's best friend

Fafá Rennó as Maria Eugênia

Bruna Louise as Maria Clara

Gabi Lopes as Paulinha

Polliana Aleixo as Suellen Glória, Luiz's love interest.


  • Moves Along At A Steady Pace
  • Funny Enough In Parts


  • Over Acted
  • Predictable Ending
  • Illogical Storylines


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