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When Jenny and Nate break up after nine years together, Jenny rallies her friends for one last night out on the town to cure her heartbreak before she moves for her new job. Tropes galore and a bit pointless. Unfortunately, Someone Great is just not that great.

Someone Great is a Netflix Original movie about getting over a break-up. Starring Gina Rodriguez from Jane The Virgin, the film is set in New York. Jenny has been dating Nate for nine years, pretty much all of her 20's. Their entire relationship is summarised at the beginning of the movie so we know exactly where the characters are at.

Having been offered a new job with Rolling Stone magazine, Jenny makes the decision to go to California and pursue her career. This, of course, puts the brakes on the relationship as Nate is not willing to try long-distance. So finding herself newly single she decides to have one last crazy girls night out with her two besties. They are played by Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise. So what follows is the 24 hours after the break-up as Jenny tries to get over Nate.

There are plenty of tears, drinking, smoking pot, and girlie group dance montages. Basically, everything you've ever seen in every other break-up film. Because it's Netflix there's definitely more bad language but I suspect that's more for Rodriguez to break out of the squeaky clean Jane The Virgin role for which she is better known.

Someone Great is supposed to be about curing a broken-heart and saying goodbye to your 20's before you become a proper adult. But it is very disjointed and there was a genuine lack of chemistry between Rodriguez and LaKeith Stanfield so it was difficult to buy into their relationship.

The biggest problem is that while the characters are all likeable, their friendship felt forced and shallow. Plus, who on earth gets over a nine-year relationship after one day??? SPOILER ALERT: Nobody does!

It's a real shame that Someone Great isn't better. I really wanted to like it. The talent is there, the plot is there but the script isn't great. Overall, I watched it and just waited for it to end and then it all seemed a little pointless. But if the idea of watching a story about great friendships still appeals then check out The Bold Type – plenty of seasons to get stuck into!


  • Great Cast
  • Solid Soundtrack
  • Likeable Characters


  • Sort Of Pointless
  • No Real Storyline


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