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Usually, this space is reserved for a quick movie synopsis however SPF-18 is soooooooo bad that unless you want your eyes to bleed I wouldn't bother watching even one minute of this self-indulgent nonsense!

Browsing through potential movies to watch, I stumbled across SPF-18. I confess that I like Noah Centineo and figured that I could do with a light-hearted, easy breezy movie so on it went. And that, dear readers, is how I lost one hour and fifteen minutes of my life. Sadly, I am never getting that time back so instead, I hope to help you avoid the same fate.

Unless you want to watch five relatively entitled and precocious teens battle contrived angst against the backdrop of the stunning Malibu beaches, then quickly move pass SPF-18. It is pure and utter nonsense.

Noah Centineo plays a recent high school graduate Johnny Sanders. The once-budding professional surfer is suffering the recent loss of his father, who died in a surfing accident. Should he return to his dream or instead go to college? Thankfully, he has Keanu Reeves's (Bill & Ted Face The Music) beach house at his disposal to mull over this decision. Yes, really.

Along comes his girlfriend Penny, who spends the first 20 minutes of the movie obsessing over losing her virginity to him. She brings her wacky and flighty cousin Camilla and on the first night pop goes the virginity cherry. A miracle considering she's never without her video camera!

The following morning they stumble across a guy called Ash on the beach. He, like the others, is also running away from his problems. Except his issues involve being signed to a record label who just don't understand him. Groan!

Within 24 hours, Penny has decided that Johnny is too distant (she was in love with him the night before) and makes a play for Ash. And all the while Johnny is off looking longingly into the distance of the sea. Until that is, Camilla makes a play for him. And queue the weirdest and oddest movie sequence when she lures him into a lucid dream sequence.

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Will these teens get their happy ending and solve all their problems in SPF-18? Honestly, who cares! I certainly didn't. In fact, it was a miracle I even got to the end of the movie and even then it was only just over an hour long.

It has to be one of the worst movies ever made. Awkward acting, terrible script and plot, and just downright irritating characters. Even the cameo from Keanu Reeves can't rescue this film. It is self-indulgent nonsense that should be swerved at all costs.


  • Honestly, there are none


  • Everything
  • The Entire Movie
  • Swerve, swerve, swerve


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