Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery

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If you are a Star Trek fan you will love Star Trek Discovery. For some Trekkies, The Star Trek franchise had lost its way, but Discovery goes straight back to battling with Klingons.

Star Trek has a huge cult following, the original series went to air over fifty years ago and has spawned many different versions of the TV shows and movies too. The last series to be aired finished in 2005 and for some fans, the TV versions of the franchise had become weak in delivery and had lost some of the original series appeal.

As a fan of the original series and the movies, I loved the direction that was taken in the new versions of the Star Trek movies that were brilliantly Directed by J.J. Abrams who takes the viewer shamelessly straight back to where Star Trek began. Abrams was not afraid to toughen up the brand and get the crewe back into battle mode and the movie was full of phaser blasting and photon torpedoes.

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When Star Trek Discovery first popped up on Netflix, I personally avoided it but decided to give it a go once a friend had recommended it. I was blown away in the first Episode which immediately jumps right into all-out War with the most iconic foe in Star Trek history – The Klingons. There are huge battle scenes throughout with lots of old-fashioned style standoffs which harps back to the days of James T Kirk. The script is clever enough to give a new slant to the viewer, but the producers are very respectful to the Star Trek faithful.

There are 15 Episodes to watch, with each episode lasting on average 45 minutes and this is plenty to get a good binge from, plus there is a new season in production already. Personally, I think the best thing about Discovery is that it is not essential to be a hardened Star Trek fan to enjoy this series – but if you are a true Trekkie, this is a must.



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  • Clever Script
  • Great Battles with The Klingons
  • Great Finale to the Season


  • A Little Confusing Mid Season


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