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Join Peter Lorimer and Genevieve Gorder on Stay Here as they transform some of the most unique short term rental homes in this new show from Netflix. Easy on the eyes and perfect for fans of makeover programmes!

If you're a fan of makeover shows then you cannot miss Stay Here, a Netflix original that's streaming now. This highly addictive home makeover show is hosted by Peter Lorimer and Genevieve Gorder. As bona fide real estate and interior design experts they know exactly what they are doing. Between them they scope out short term rental homes that are in dire need of a little tlc and with a wave of the magic Netflix wand, transform these tired sub par properties into dream holiday pads.

Stay Here is based in the US and with only eight episodes actually manages to cover quite the range of properties. Each show is only 30 minutes long so it's incredibly easy to sit and binge watch them all. The show is pretty formulaic and each is laid out the exact same way. Peter and Gen get together look through the property online, give professional opinions on what could be improved and then head off to take a look for themselves.

That leads us nicely on to some stats and figures about the rental opportunities in that particular location. We then meet the home owner, get a bit of background before Peter takes them on a bit of whirlwind introduction to business. In the mean time Gen gets the sledgehammer out and starts renovating. We say bye bye to the homeowners, fast forward a week and hey presto the makeover is complete and we all drool with jealousy over the incredible reveal.

Frankly the transformations on Stay Here are incredible. I have no clue how long the planning process takes but it is worth it. Each of the properties covered in the show are real life rental homes. There's a house boat in Seattle, a winery in California, an old carriage house in New York and an old fire station in Washington, to mention just a few. I even went to the trouble of looking them up online when the show was over. All the pictures are the same as are the rental prices that were quoted in the show.

Stay Here has a target audience. If you watched Amazing Interiors or World's Greatest Homes or any of the other multitude of lifestyle shows currently available on Netflix then you will definitely want to watch this. It's easy on the eyes, the hosts are engaging and funny, the properties are aspirational and overall it's perfect binge tv for a night in.


  • Wide Range Of Makeovers
  • Amazing Transformations
  • Good Hosts


  • Only 8 Episodes
  • Very Formulaic


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