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Styling Hollywood is the reality show that follows Jason and Adair from JSN Studio, as they style Hollywood's elite for awards season. This a show more about the graft than the glitz but with some amazing red carpet and home renovation results. Great reality tv.

Looking for your next reality tv fix? Then put on Styling Hollywood! Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis are a married couple who own JSN Studio. Jason styles celebrities and Adair styles homes and between them they have built up an incredibly successful LA business.

So what is Styling Hollywood all about? Basically, it's a behind the scenes look at what it takes to get a celeb on the red carpet in the perfect outfit. That doesn't sound too difficult but the process is actually quite something. Months in advance of the big award shows, Jason is curating perfect dresses, couture gowns etc…for his clients but as expected, there are often issues behind the scenes that nobody gets to see until now.

So what happens when you've promised a couture dress from Italy for a client and on the day it arrives, two days before the red carpet, it has a hole in it? Or when a dress arrives but it's so sheer, it's practically see-through? And what if those clients include Hollywood elite such as Taraji P Henson (Coffee & Kareem), Ava DuVernay, Serena Williams, Sanna Latham and Yara Shahidi?

But Styling Hollywood isn't just about the glitz, it is a real insight into the enormous amount of work, time and dedication that it takes to build a successful business. And that brings complications with staff issues as well as the toll it takes on personal relationships. In fact, that makes up quite a large portion of the show, which runs for eight episodes.

With a new personal assistant, an office manager that feels underappreciated, an ever-increasing workload and client list, as well as the couple themselves wanting to start a family, it really is a miracle that Jason and Adair find the time to sleep! And can I just say that as understated as Adair is, his ability to transform a home is second to none.

Styling Hollywood is about craft and graft but has some genuinely lovely moments. I particularly liked Ava DuVernay who has openly said that finding a red carpet dress is very difficult for her. On Twitter she said “I’m not easy. I’m not a model’s size. And I choose not to show cleavage, thighs and what not. That takes out 90% of the dresses in this town. But somehow he finds a way.”

I absolutely loved watching Styling Hollywood. It was the perfect blend of a Hollywood we don't usually get to see along with the struggles of running a business. Plus the very funny side of seeing Jason and Adair at home arguing over cleaning the house and eating fries. Easy watch but thoroughly enjoyable tv.


  • Great Hollywood Insights
  • More Graft Than Glitz
  • The Incredibly Likeable Jason & Adair


  • Only 8 Episodes
  • A Smidge Too Much Employee Drama


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