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Who is best to save the World from the apocalypse, well why not throw together the most badass supervillains you can get your hands on. With an all-star cast, this screen version of the DC Comic is fantastic antihero fun from start to finish. 

Suicide Squad is based on the DC Comics creation that first appeared way back in 1959. We are all very familiar with the more popular heroes that have come DC such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. All are true icons of the superhero world. One thing that can be a little monotonous about the likes of these types of Superhero is that they seem to be a bunch of do-gooders. So if you're getting a little tired of these squeaky clean characters, Suicide Squad will be just the tonic for you.

This is a group of the baddest antiheroes you could possibly imagine. They range from a sharpshooting assassin who never misses to an ancient sorceress with unbelievable powers. The audience is introduced to each of the characters one by one. So we get to connect with them before they join together to kick some evil ass.

The style of this film is just tremendous. There is a great soundtrack that is matched with excellent cinematography and editing to give it a real storyboard comic book feel. Suicide Squad is also the first DC Comics movie win an Oscar. It won best achievement in makeup and hairstyling and it is easy to see why. But the stand out in this film for me is the cast. Margot Robbie is magnetic on screen playing Harley Quinn. Will Smith is perfect for the role of Deadshot. But the absolute stand out for me was Jared Leto as The Joker. He pulls off a more comic book style Joker and nails it in every way. In fact, all of the lead characters did a great job and there seemed to be genuine chemistry in their performance.

The film was torn apart by most critics. To be fair, most comic book style films are. It has to be a brave critic to say a superhero movie is great when they always have a limited plot. Yes the plot is thin, but that is part of its charm. It is clear that this is an introduction to the characters more than anything else. It grossed nearly $750 million in sales worldwide and Suicide Squad 2 is out in 2021. Definitely a great movie and not to be missed!


  • Margot Robbie
  • Brilliantly Stylish
  • Super Bad
  • Great Soundscore


  • Lots of Holes in the Plot


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